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Earlier this week, Chris Brown was arrested on rape charges in Paris.

The singer was detained along with two members of his entourage after a woman claimed she was assaulted by Brown and his friends in a hotel room.

Chris Brown is a Dancer
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Brown was later released from custody on his own recognizance and permitted to return to the United States.

Since that time, he’s been working hard to remind us that even if there’s no merit to the accusations, Chris Brown is still an awful human being.

Brown is suing his accuser and has been working hard to discredit her with vitriolic social media tirades.

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While decent human beings recognize the malice and insanity in such actions, Brown is rich and famous which means he’ll always enjoy the support of millions of defenders, a small percentage of whom are also wealthy and powerful.

Shockingly, it seems Kendall and Kylie Jenner are proud members of the latter group.

“They aren’t looking to talk or touch on the accusations put on Chris but they have full support for him and feel bad that he is going through all of this because they believe him,” a source close to the sisters tells Hollywood Life.

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“Until proven differently they are standing by him because that’s what friends do," the insider continues.

The source adds that Kendall and Kylie have also thrown their support behind Drake, who was recently caught fondling a teenage girl in a shocking viral video.

“Kendall and Kylie have formed very tight bonds with both Drake and Chris Brown and they fully support them and have their backs through thick and thin," says the tipster.

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“They have so much fun with both guys and don’t ever see them as anything but fun, nice guys,” the insider explains.

“Kendall and Kylie have also had fun going out with Chris Brown and Drake and even with what’s happening with Chris, that won’t change how they view him.

"They know him as a really nice, chill guy and want the best for him.”

Chris Brown is the Worst
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We hope for the sake of our sanity and the Jenner sisters’ public image that these reports are inaccurate, but sadly, they’re entirely plausible.

Not because Kendall and Kylie have problematic pasts, mind you, but because it’s common for people to doubt the accuser when the accused is someone close to them.

The fact remains that even if Brown is innocent in this case, he has a long history of abusive behavior, and he’s spent the past two days bullying a possible rape victim on social media.

Not the kind of guy Kendall and Kylie need to be showing support for.