Joe Giudice Deportation: Delayed Due to Government Shutdown?

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While concerned fans wonder if Teresa Giudice has already filed for divorce, others hold out hope.

Could this massive government shutdown buy him a little more time with his family?

An immigration official has weighed in on this complicated situation. Take a look:

Teresa Giudice and Hubby

The government shutdown has dragged on for over a month. It is a nightmare and, ultimately, one man in responsible for it.

There are very few silver linings to hundreds of thousands of families having their incomes halved -- or worse.

But some had wondered if part of the backlog might mean a delay on Joe Giudice's looming deportation.

RadarOnline reports that they spoke to an immigration official, who was the bearer of bad news on this front.

Unfortunately, because Joe is a detainee, his appeals process will very likely proceeda s normal.

Joe & Teresa Giudice Image

A decision about his deportation status is expected to be made at some time prior to his release.

Joe is scheduled for release from prison on March 14.

That is in about a month and a half.

No one questions whether a guilty party should serve time in prison.

But many are horrified that Joe's release date will take him farther from his family, rather than bring him home.

Teresa Giudice Hold Hands

The unnamed immigration official explained why not even the government shutdown is delaying Joe's deportation.

"In most cases," the offical shares. "Appeal decisions have been delayed."

The official acknowledges: "and everything is on freeze until the government shutdown is over."

"However, in cases of detainees," the official notes. "Things are still processing as normal because they are priority."

Our understanding of that statement is that current detainees are a priority because the process has already begun.

Additionally, their deportation -- or not, as the case may be -- would relieve a burden on the system rather than add to it.

Teresa and Joe Giudice Reunite

This means that, before Joe is even released from prison in less than 50 days, his appeal will have been decided.

Where does this leave him with his wife, Teresa?

"She is talking about divorce, absolutely,” an insider tells RadarOnline.

“There is no way Teresa is going to uproot her life," the source explains.

That is difficult but very understandable.

"He did this," the insider reasons. "Why should she suffer?"

Gia and Joe Giudice

Joe was born in Italy, but his parents brought him to the United States when he was an infant.

He has lived his entire life in the United States.

It is the only home that he has ever known. Italy, to him, is his parents' homeland, but not his.

Additionally, his family is not emotionally prepared to see him deported to Italy.

Though they have had months since the October 10 ruling that he would be deported, they are still struggling to accept this terrible reality.

Joe and Teresa's daughters in particular are desperate for hope that their father can avoid deportation.

Milania Giudice and Joe Giudice, Throwback Photo

It is only natural for Teresa to plan to remain in the United States with her four children, no matter what.

You don't uproot the lives of four children on a whim.

Despite Teresa's reputation, there is nothing callous or easy for her about that choice.

There is always a sliver of hope that Joe might somehow win his appeal.

But ... that is looking less and less likely as March 14 looms closer.

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