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Our heads are still spinning from Season 6, and 90 Day Fiance has been renewed for its seventh season.

But if you remember Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet from Seasn 5, we have some exciting news.

The couple has welcomed their first child!

Elizabeth and Andrei Selfie
Photo via Instagram

In a statement to E! News, Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet announced the happy news.

"We are so blessed to finally meet our baby girl, Eleanor Louise!" the statement begins.

The couple continues with the specifics: "We welcomed her on January 23rd at 6:13 a.m."

So precious baby Eleanor was born on Wednesday morning.

Then, of course, comes the stats.

The statement reveals that Eleanor was born "weighing in at 6-lbs. 11-oz."

That may sound like a small weight if you come from a family of tall people, but that is well within the "average" range of baby weights.

Elizabeth Has a Little Moldovan in Her
Photo via Instagram

"This is such joyful and amazing moment for us," the joyous statement continues.

The couple gushes: "We have never felt this rewarded in our lives."

Awww! That is so sweet.

"And," the statement reads. "We are looking forward to our bright future as a family of three."

Little Eleanor is, as we mentioned, their first child.

"Thank you so much to our fans," the couple concludes. "For their continued support and love during our journey."

Andrei and Elizabeth
Photo via Instagram

Elizabeth and Andrei appeared on 90 Day Fiance‘s fifth season.

As you may recall, Elizabeth had met Andrei while abroad.

Still, her family had concerns.

Andrei is Moldovan, as referenced in Elizabeth’s hilarious shirt above.

She herself acknowledged that he had certain archaic views of gender roles within marriage.

He came from a culture in which he expected to make the decisions. Her loved ones didn’t love hearing that.

But it all worked out.

Elizabeth and Andrei, Three-Year Anniversary
Photo via Instagram

Elizabeth and Andrei just celebrated their "meetaversary" on January 15.

"3 years ago today this wonderful man and I met in Dublin for the first time," Elizabeth wrote on Instagram.

"Then," she continued. "The rest was history……"

It certianly was.

Three years after first laying eyes upon each other, these two are married parents.

That’s quite a glow up!

Elizabeth and Andrei
Photo via TLC

90 Day Fiance is an extremely popular reality series that regularly dominates its timeslot.

Casting is perhaps the biggest key to the show’s success, and there’s more to it than simply finding the worst couples on the planet.

For every Colt and Larissa, you need a couple with a few relationship hiccups — a couple for whom fans can really, truly root.

Elizabeth and Andrei didn’t have irreconcilable difference, just differences.

Congratulations are in order on the birth of their first child.

We wish them the best and hope that Elizabeth experiences a speedy recovery from childbirth.

Welcome to the world, Eleanor Louise Castravet!