DMX: Released From Prison After One Year Behind Bars!

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Stop, drop, pick up your belongings and show these papers to the officer at the front gate.

Yes folks, it's been almost one full year since DMX reported to prison to begin serving time on tax evasion charges.

DMX on Stage

(You may recall that he memorably played one of his songs for the sentencing judge before being sent upstate.)

And today, the canine rapper is once again a free man.

Yes, X was released from prison today after serving 10 months of a one year sentence.

(He was denied bail prior to his sentence, and thus, spent most of the past year behind bars.)

The rapper was convicted of failing to pay taxes on $2.3 million in earnings.

It may seem foolish to try and bilk Uncle Sam when you've been raking in seven figures for decades, but it's important to remember that DMX has 15 kids to support.

And in this case, the time inside may have been a blessing in disguise.

DMX Swizz Beatz House Party 2015

DMX suffered an overdose that nearly claimed his life in 2016.

The rapper says despite the obvious risk to his health, he continued using in the wake of his brush with death.

He told the judge in his case that his decision to commit tax fraud was the result of his substance abuse.


“I was in a cloud. I was in a cloud. I wasn’t thinking straight," an emotional X (real name Earl Simmons) said in court.

So what does the 48 father of 15 (?!?!?!) plan to do now that he's a free man?

Well, it seems Simmons' first order of business is court-ordered outpatient addiction counseling.

Beyond that, he says he'd like to release another album and take a second shot at reality TV stardom.

Specifically, he says he wants to make a second appearance on Iyanla Vanzant’s Fix My Life.

X famously stormed off set and told the life coach to "shut the f-ck" up during his first appearance on the show.

But these days, Simmons says he's a changed man and would like the opportunity to prove he's open to taking advice.

Hey, we're all about comeback stories.

And when it comes to second chance, X, we're gon give it to ya.

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