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On Saturday, January 5, Deena Nicole Cortese gave birth to her first child, Christopher John “CJ” Buckner.

He is perfect.

CJ Buckner is Tired of the Cameras
Photo via Instagram

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star is thrilled, and has shared plenty of photos with fans.

Those sweet baby photos are why it took only three days for Deena to get aggressively mom-shamed.

CJ is an adorable baby. He’s not even a week old but he has plenty of admirers, thanks to the plentiful photos that Deena has shared.

Deena Nicole Cortese and Family
Photo via Instagram

Unfortunately, these very same pics are being used as “evidence” by Deena’s own fans and followers that Deena is endangering him.

It all started when Deena announced that she was leaving the hospital.

“Going home,” she shared on Instagram, along with glimpses of her little baby ready for his first car ride.

See for yourself:

CJ Buckner in His Car Seat
Photo via Instagram

This … does not look like a child on the brink of death.

But fans saw how he was dressed in his little car seat for the ride home, and were convinced that he was in mortal peril.

Seriously — and they let her hear it in the comments.

If you’ve ever been mom-shamed or seen mom-shaming going down, you know that most people’s words are gentle, but come across as scolding.

CJ Buckner Comes Home
Photo via Instagram

“The baby doesn’t fit in his car seat with that fleece snowsuit and the harness is waaaay too loose,” one commenter warned.

That same fan continued: “Sorry I don’t want people’s babies to die”

“That’s not a f–king onesie,” accused another. “Lmao.”

Deena Cortese and Husband and Baby
Photo via Instagram

Another wrote: “Some of us here are trying to help her and offer LIFE SAVING ADVICE.”

The criticism became so bad that, on Tuesday, Deena responded.

“It’s not a jacket,” Deena explained with remarkable patience.

“It’s a onesie,” she affirmed. “And hospital approved it.”

Deena Cortese and Husband Christopher Buckner
Photo via Instagram

A degree of concern is understandable, but after the fact, it makes sense to give someone the benefit of the doubt, right?

The lesson Deena’s likely to take from this is that creatively designed onesies are going to set off mom-shamers.

Or, worse, she might just narrow her baby photo-sharing down to a trickle.

Deena Nicole Cortese, Baby
Photo via Instagram

“We’re not perfect,” Deena acknwoledges.

“But,” she insists. “We got this.”

Most first-time mothers take time to listen to advice from doctors, parenting experts, and relatives.

Deena Cortese Baby Bump
Photo via Instagram

She’s not going to just yeet her baby into the backseat and drive home.

She and her husband are taking every step to do things the right way.

But Deena graciously concludes: “thank you for the concerns.”

Deena cannot stop gushing about baby CJ on Instagram and it’s so sweet.

“Ugh I just can’t,” she begins one heartwarming post as she stares at her firstborn.

Deena admits that she is “still getting into the swing of things.”

“Being first time parents isn’t easy,” she acknowledges. “But it’s so friggen worth it.”

“We’re so obsessed with this little man!” she notes. “And today I realized he has my feet.”

Deena Cortese and Christopher Buckner
Photo via Instagram

Deena explained her meaning: “he has little “sandal toes” like mommy”

Having CJ has really made her family feel whole, she expressed.

On Saturday, the day she gave birth, she took to social media to gush about the experience.

“I never thought i could love Chris anymore than i did,” she confessed.

“Until i saw him hold CJ,” she concluded.

That is so sweet!

We’re glad that things are going better for Deena than they have been for a certain other Jersey Shore star who recently had a kid.