Danielle Staub Files Second Restraining Order Against Marty Caffrey

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Back in August, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub was granted a restraining order against her husband, Marty Caffrey.

Now, Danielle has been granted a second restraining order.

She says that Marty will not leave her alone, let alone grant her the divorce that they both so sorely need..

Marty Caffrey and Danielle Staub

Us Weekly reports that a rep for Danielle Staub has confirmed that Marty has been issued a temporary restraining order.

The order against her estranged husband, which will be good for 10 days, was for the personal safety of Danielle and her children.

Danielle has two adult daughters: Christine, age 24, and Jillian, age 20.

An inside source explains that a factor in this second restraining order was an allegation against Marty of emotional abuse.

"She couldn’t take it anymore," the insider shares grimly.

Danielle Staub on Wendy Williams

Emotional abuse can be serious, and it sounds like that was just one of the issues that drove Danielle to this desperate measure.

"She went to the police department last night to file it," the source reveals.

Based upon Us Weekly's reporting, we take that to mean Wednesday night -- January 2.

"It will be good for ten days," the insider notes.

Ten days, we hope, will be enough time for Danielle to either resolve the situation or obtain another, more permanent court order.

Danielle Staub Smiles

"Danielle has been trying to end the marriage," the source explains.

Danielle and Marty married in May, but split just months later.

"He’s been telling people that Danielle wants to work on their marriage, but it isn’t true," the insider reports.

Chillingly, the source adds: "He wont let her go."

That is very alarming to hear.

Danielle Staub, All Business

The insider reports that Danielle's legla team has "made four settlement offers to Marty."

"He’s refused all of them," the source states.

The insider adds that Marty has also "refused mediation." 

“He’s intentionally dragging this out," the insider accuses.

"He has a second home nearby," the source notes. "But refuses to leave the house that Danielle is living in."

Danielle Staub, Husband

Marty tells Us Weekly that he hasn't "even seen Danielle [much]" and doesn't know "why she would need a restraining order."

"I think what’s gone on here is that the last three episodes of the Housewives …" he theorizes.

"Danielle has been portrayed her as this crazy bitch to everybody, including me, my kids, and Margaret and other cast members," Marty speculates.

That's true. Danielle lashed out on camera. It's part of her job, basically.

"She received profound backlash messages on social media that she didn’t expect," Marty claims.

"It has thrown her for a loop," he concludes. "And she’s taken out the blame on me."

Danielle Staub Flips Out

Just weeks ago, Danielle herself opened up to Us Weekly about Marty's behavior.

"The fact that anyone would use your partner’s past," she began. "As a way to abuse them."

Danielle continued: "and then verbally abuse and emotionally abuse my daughter or my children or my friends that are around me."

"There isn’t one woman that he’s had a conversation with that could say that he’s not an abusive man,” Danielle emphasized. 

”It’s erratic behavior and it’s constant. I mean, constant," she characterized. "There’s not letting off that gas."

We hope that the entire family can reach a safe, peaceful resolution, and soon.

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