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Over the weekend, Rob Kardashian was allegedly unable to hand over Dream because Blac Chyna was MIA.

Chyna was partying it up in Hawaii even though it was her turn to have custody of their daughter.

Apparently, the Kardashians believe this is part of a pattern — and that Chyna isn’t properly caring for Dream.

Rob with His Dream

After Rob and Chyna’s latest parenting dispute, People spoke to an inside source for insight into how the Kardashians are viewing this situation.

"Regardless of the issues that Rob is dealing with," the insider begins, acknowledging Rob’s relative lack of success.

"It’s pretty clear that the environment that Rob and his family can offer Dream is the healthiest for her," the source continues.

"Rob always wanted Dream to spend time with her mom, too," the insider insists. "He has never wanted Chyna to be cut out of Dream’s life,”

“But," the source explains. "He also doesn’t want Dream to be raised by a nanny while her mom is off partying out of state."

Having nannies is one thing, but what’s the point in a custody drop-off if the other parent is in a different time zone?

Blac Chyna and Kid Buu

Blac Chyna spent the weekend in Hawaii with her boyfriend, 30-year-old Kid Buu.

Apparently, their entire group was "being inappropriate in several ways" at the Honolulu Ritz-Carlton at which they were staying.

They were by the pool, and an inside source shares with People that they were making asses of themselves.

"The girls were showing nipples, they were twerking, and just being obnoxious," the insider characterizes.

Some of that was even captured on video for all to see.

Kid Buu Parties With Blac Chyna

Then, of course, came the chilling part.

Chyna got into a physical fight with Kid Buu at their hotel in the wee hours of Monday morning.

It’s said that their disagreement began verbally, with Chyna accusing Buu of cheating on her.

At some point, possibly hours later, things escalated to a brawl.

Chyna is said to have scratched Buu.

Buu is said to have slammed her into a wall repeatedly and to have choked her.

That is absolutely terrifying.

Kid Buu and Blac Chyna in Hawaii

"Rob’s family always had issues with Chyna," the source tells People.

"Her public behavior in the past few days," the insider notes. "Certainly isn’t going to give her a Mother of the Year award."

"Chyna has long acted like her number one priority isn’t raising her kids," the source characterizes. "This is very hard for Rob’s family.”

“They don’t feel like Dream is properly cared for when she is with Chyna," the insider expresses.

"They find it to be a sad situation," the source explains. "Dream is the cutest little girl."

"She is very happy and so much fun to be around," the insider gushes. "Rob’s family just wants Dream to be raised in the best way possible."

Chicago West, Dream Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kylie Jenner

"The family’s whole approach is ‘it takes a village,’" a source says of the Kardashian family.

Case in point: on Monday, while Chyna was presumably recovering from her brawl with Kid Buu, Dream was with her aunt Khloe.

Khloe took True and Dream on a precious outing for the little cousins.

"Dream has so much fun playing with her cousins and being around Rob’s sisters," an insider tells People.

"They all love her very much," the source affirms.

"Rob stays with Kris," the insider notes. "So Kris also helps out with Dream when Rob has custody."

Blac Chyna and Dream Kardashian, Smiling

"When Dream is with Rob, he does have help," the source confirms.

"He is a good dad, but his family also wants to help,” the insider explains.

This is normal, even for smaller families.

“One of Rob’s issues is that he isn’t comfortable being out in public," the source says. "So his sisters take Dream out for fun activities with her cousins."

"Rob doesn’t want Dream to stay alone with a nanny while Chyna parties in Hawaii," the insider expresses. "This is what he is mad about."

"She needs to tell him when she won’t be in L.A. so Rob can keep Dream longer,” the insider added. “Rob is getting his lawyer involved."

Blac and Dream

To be clear, no one is accusing Blac Chyna of not loving her adorable young daughter.

But a child going on an outing with an aunt or spending a few hours with a grandmother is not the same as staying with a nanny.

This is especially true when Dream’s mother is out of state.

That said, we are of course grateful that Chyna’s physical fight with Buu did not take place anywhere near her daughter, Dream.

We are sure that Rob feels the same way.