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It is totally back on between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian.

No, not their romance, thank goodness.

But the rivalry between these exes has seemingly returned, as strong and as bitter and as personal as ever.

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Take what happened on Saturday, for instance.

According to TMZ, Rob was preparing to drop his two-year old daughter, Dream, back home with her mother, as previously agreed upon between Kardashian and Chyna.

However, when the time came to make this exchange, Chyna was nowhere to be found.

A source tells the celebrity gossip site that Rob reached out to Chyna, to her nanny, to members of her team… but he couldn’t track down his former fiancee anywhere.

As a result, Rob just kept Dream for himself for a little while longer — which he was happy to do as a father.

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But the guy was pissed over Chyna’s disappearing act.

And he allegedly grew even angrier when it became apparent that Chyna has jetted off to Hawaii to hang out with Kid Buu, some very random and very tattooed rapper who has been seeing Chyna romantically of late.

How do we know this for certain?

Because Kid Buu posted a number of videos of the two dancing and acting all weird together during this tropical vacation.

Rob, the story goes, was never told Chyna was heading out of town.

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This report comes about a week after Child Protective Services was called to Chyna’s home.

As we detailed several days ago, someone called 911 and then called this organization because this someone believed Chyna was drunk and neglecting her daughter.

When authorities arrived, they found a perfectly calm and safe setting for little Dream, prompting many to think Chyna had been set up.

By whom?

By Rob, she apparently thinks.

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“Chyna has a full-time nanny that lives at her house permanently,” a source told Radar Online, impyling that Dream was never and would never be abandoned because this nanny would be responsible for her even when her mom does take off for Hawaii.

Chyna and Rob share equal custody of their toddler and the former has never once shirked this responsibility, according to this insider.

Any implication to the contrary has been stirred up by Kardashian.

“He is waging a bad mother campaign against her," reports Radar.

It has been claimed in the past that Rob wants primary custody of Dream — and the only real way to accomplish this goal would be for a court to think Chyna was neglecting or harming the child.

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"She thinks Rob saw her on Instagram and is just mad. Moms are allowed to go on vacation," the Radar source says of why Rob has gone public with the insinuation that Chyna ditched her daughter.

Concludes this Kardashian critic:

“This is just another smear tactic by Rob. It’s obvious what he is doing.

"This is just Rob trying to trash her in public.”

That may very well be the case, but let’s be honest:

It’s working, isn’t it?