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For months now, the British tabloid press has been repeating the same refrain:

The Royal Family just doesn’t like Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle and Her Bump
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The reasons for this alleged feud vary wildly from one account to the next.

Some say Meghan is just too American for the Brits and their ultra-formal ways.

(Depending on who you ask, "American" here might be code for either "Hollywood" or "black.")

Meghan Markle in Red Coat
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Others claim Meghan is a bit of a diva, and she’s rubbed some high-ranking royal officials the wrong way with her persistent need to be in charge.

Whatever the case, Meg is not particularly beloved by the palace dwellers these days.

And now, it seems there’s a fear that she’s being a bad influence on Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle, Very Pregnant
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Yes, you might think that as a grown-ass man who’s also a freakin’ prince, Harry would be more or less capable of making up his own mind on most issues.

But according to British gossip rags, you would be wrong.

Royal watchers have particularly taken issue with the manner in which Harry and Meghan shut the press out during their recent tour, just as they have throughout much of Meghan’s pregnancy,

“They basically blanked the media on this tour, which is very short-sighted,” says The Sun’s Duncan Larcombe.

Meghan Markle Royally Waves
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They may not sound so bad, but apparently, there’s also been a marked change in the way that Harry related to his staff.

“All of Harry’s staff have always thought he was fantastic, but the two of them [together] are high maintenance,” says Larcombe of the royal couple,

He adds that Harry has become “quite grumpy and aloof from his own inner circle of staff. Harry was always very pally with [them], so this is very unlike him."

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Xmas
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Larcombe says that Harry is a changed man these days — and many of those closest to him prefer the old Harry.

“What people love about Harry is that he wears his heart on his sleeve,” Larcombe says.

“He’s down to earth, a normal guy trapped in the royal world, and he doesn’t take himself very seriously. But now he is.”

Regal Twosome
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Of course, Meghan’s influence on Harry hasn’t been entirely negative.

According to new report from Vanity Fair, Harry has transformed into a regular health nut.

He’s given up smoking and caffeine, and he’s even (temporarily) quit smoking out of solidarity with his pregnant wife.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Tour
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“We never thought Harry would be raving about yoga, but he loves it,” one of his friends says.

“He looks great, he’s lost weight, he’s super healthy, and I think he’s really happy although I’m sure he does miss going out with some of his old mates for the occasional pint.

"Harry used to love lying in, but he’s up super early with Meghan and the first thing he says he does is a workout, then he has a green juice,” the friend adds.

Into the Woods
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“Meghan is definitely behind his new regimen. They both see a nutritionist and are into their supplements.”

Personally, we think all of the dislike for Meghan is absurd.

But if she really did convince Harry to exchange Guinness pints for kale smoothies, we may be forced to revise our opinion.