Teresa Giudice and Daughters Will Visit Joe for One Final Christmas

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Just a few months ago, it looked like Teresa Giudice was deep in denial about Joe's deportation.

Now that the season is upon us, she can no longer ignore her husband's fate.

Though she's not feeling the Christmas spirit, Teresa plans to visit Joe, with the girls, right before the holiday.

Teresa Giudice on Watch What Happens

A source tells Us Weekly that Teresa Giudice will absolutely be visiting her husband, Joe, just before Christmas.

And she won't come alone.

Teresa is planning to bring their four daughters: Gia, age 17, Gabriella, age 14, Milania, age 12, and Audriana, age 9.

This could be their last almost Christmas as a family on American soil.

Teresa is, according to the report, then planning to head off on vacation.

Teresa and Joe Giudice Reunite

Just two weeks ago, Teresa opened up and revealed that she -- very understandably -- is not feeling that Christmas cheer.

"I’m not all about the holidays since Joe is away and since my mom passed," she shares.

Any holiday following a major death in the family is heartbreaking.

"I think we’re going to go to my brother’s on Christmas Eve," Teresa shared. "That’s what we did last year. We haven’t talked about it yet."

She freely admitted that she is "not as excited about the holidays anymore."

Teresa Giudice Shows Off Her Hair

WHile Joe's incarceration is a major factor, there's also the matter of her dad.

In October, Teresa's father was hospitalized.

He needed to undergo treatment for pneumonia and a hematoma.

"He just got home from the hospital,” Teresa shared.

“We’re taking it slow," she added.

Teresa revealed: "He’s still weak, and it’s going to take a long time for him to feel better."

So he's not exactly up for being the life of anybody's Christmas party.

Teresa Giudice Sits and Poses

Christmas is widely considered to be an important time to be with family for those who are able to do so.

Even those who are not Christians and do not celebrate the holiday may find themselves visiting with family thanks to the national holiday.

This is why Teresa's situation really stings at the moment.

It's not just that Joe is behind bars and cannot be with his family this year for more than just a visit.

The issue is that Joe will very likely never again be able to celebrate Christmas with his family at their family home.

Not in New Jersey or anywhere else in the United States, anyway.

Teresa Giudice and Hubby

Following the end of Teresa's shorter sentence, Joe Giudice reported to prison in March of 2016.

His sentence is for 41 months, and he is expected to be released during the first half of 2019.

Unfortunately, what should be a happy occassion is instead something that the entire Giudice family is dreading.

Because upon his release, Joe will very likely be deported to Italy.

Though Joe was born in Italy, his parents brought him to the United States when he was one year old.

America is the only country that he has ever known.

Joe is not an American citizen, however, and contrary to what some had assumed, his marriage to Teresa does not automatically change that.

This whole situation, however you feel about Teresa and Joe, is heartbreaking. Their kids don't deserve this.

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