Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth: We Married Because We Have Baby Fever!

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On Thursday, we finally saw the photos with our own eyes: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got married at last.

Now, a new report explains that fans can look forward to more good news in the very near future.

Miley and Liam are said to be working on having their first child.

Ogling Miley

RadarOnline reports that Miley and Liam may already be in the process of growing their family.

According to their insider, Miley is "trying to get pregnant."

They already have a brood of pets, but now they're looking to add a human baby to their collection.

According to sources close to Miley, her surprise wedding means that she is "planning to get pregnant, or she is pregnant."

What makes them so sure?

Insiders say that Miley "was adamant that she would never wed until she was ready to settle down or if she was pregnant."

Miley Cyrus Wedding Photo

As the photos that both Miley and Liam shared on social media on Thursday reveal, they looked incredible for their surprise nuptials.

Miley wore a Vivienne Westwood gown. It was a little understated and absolutely breathtaking.

Their Malibu mansion burned to the ground just weeks ago, but they still got married at home.

They tied the knot in their house in Franklin, Tennessee.

We cannot tell you how many dubious reports we read about secret weddings over the years.

This time, though neither Miley nor Liam actually said the word "wedding" or "married," their photos say it all.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Wedding Pic?

Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley's one-hit-wonder of a dad, was not actually able to make it to his own daughter's wedding.

He apparently skipped the ceremony for "personal reasons," whatever that means.

But Miley wasn't ghosted by her entire family.

Her sisters, Noah and Brandi, were there.

Her mother, Tish, was also in attendance.

Liam's more famous and less famous brothers, Chris and Luke respectively, were also present for the sweet ceremony.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Wedding Pic

Not everyone has to get married, and it had seemed that these two were more than content with the way that things are.

After something like a decade of courtship, what inspired Miley and Liam to finally exchange vows?

According to RadarOnline's sources, it was the horrific crisis of the Woolsey fires that "sealed the deal."

Part of that was Miley seeing Liam go above and beyond to rescue all of their animals and then his compassion when it comes to rebuilding Malibu.

Another part of that is that disasters often remind people that they cannot take anything for granted -- not even each other.

"Their love exploded," an insider claims.

Liam Hemsworth shares malibu home LOVE sign before after fire

In addition to gossip among Miley's friends that she wants to make a baby, everyone's just really happy with the arrangement.

(At least, with the possible exception of Billy Ray Cyrus)

"They are a perfect match," a source says of Miley and Liam.

After all of these years of off-and-on dating and engagement, we would certainly hope so.

The insider adds: "Both families love each other and get along very well."

Miley and Liam Wedding Photo

Just like all of those reports about Miley and Liam's past "secret weddings," this is unconfirmed.

There's no rush for this couple to pop out a baby, no matter how much fans would like to see the little cutie.

We will say that a pregnancy or plans for a pregnancy would definitely explain what looks from the outside to be a sudden change in direction.

Just this summer, we were all hearing that they were comfortable being engaged and didn't feel a need to get married.

Baby fever could explain their change in tune ... but a reaction to losing their home and seeing their Malibu neighborhood destroyed could explain it, too.

Either way, it looks like Miley banging Ariana isn't going to happen.

Other than that, though, we're very happy for Miley and Liam.

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