Liam Hemsworth Speaks Out After Wedding, Praises Brand New Wife

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Liam Hemsworth has broken his silence.

The actor has issued his first statement since becoming a first-time husband, posting a very short but simple and sweet message on Instagram.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Wedding Pic

Along with the above image of he and Miley Cyrus hugging on their wedding day, Hemsworth wrote "My Love" this week, along with a heart emoji.

We told you it was short and simple.

But also: very sweet, right?

The singer and the actor, who started dating back in 2009 and broke up for a bit before rekindling their romance for good in 2014, surprised fans by finally exchanging vows on December 23.

Engagement chatter had surrounded this couple for many years, but neither Miley nor Liam confirmed their plans to actually tie the knot after all this time.

Not until after it transpired, that is.

At that point, followers were treated to an early Christmas present when photos such as the ones above and below popped up on Instagram, making it very clear that they were now husband and wife.

Miley Cyrus Wedding Photo

The aforementioned two words marked the first time Hemsworth has commented on his bride, but Cyrus previously shared another snapshot from her nuptials and wrote as a caption:

10 years later .....

Later, when a fan told Cyrus on Instagram, “Congratulations you married the hottest man in Hollywood!!!!,” the artist enthusiastically and passionately agreed.

“I knooooowwwww right” she replied.

On Wednesday night, meanwhile, Miley Tweeted a precious video from the night in which she danced to Bruno Mars‘s “Uptown Funk" in her wedding dress.

Miley and Liam Wedding Photo

Members from both families attended the ceremony, which took place in the couple's Tennessee home.

“They always wanted a small, private celebration with family and close friends and that’s what they got. Miley seems ecstatic,” a source told People Magazine, adding:

"She loves her Tennessee home and was very happy about having the ceremony there."

But why did the celebrities get married now?

What changed in their relationship?

Perhaps nothing. Perhaps they just thought it was time to lock each other in for life.

Ogling Miley

However, the rumor mill is churning excitedly with another possibility.

Could Miley want to get pregnant?

And she figured she ought to be a wife before she became a mother?

It's possible.

The young woman who entered our lives as Hannah Montana is now 26 years old. It wouldn't be crazy at all at this point for her and Liam to have baby.

We'll keep an eye on Miley's womb over the next few months to see if this rumor becomes a reality - and, in the meantime, we'll just say the following once again:


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