Larissa Lima: Troubled 90 Day Fiance Star is Starting a Business!

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Last week, Larissa told fans that Colt was still cheating and hiding money.

Now, the 90 Day Fiance star has found a way to make her own cash.

Larissa has announced that she's launching her very own clothing line.

Larissa Lima Models Colorful Activewear

As we mentioned last week when Colt called his critics "internet hobos," Larissa has wiped the slate clean on Instagram.

Her latest photos are mostly modeling shots, with innocuous self-improvement sayings that are deeply impersonal in the captions.

"Hi guys," she writes in a new post. "I am so glad with the compliments I got from you on my last posting!!!"

She gushes: "My dream of having my own business is getting real now!"

"Carmen and I will be launching our activewear online store very soon," she reveals about her plans with her long-time friend.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima on Christmas 2018

As with receiving money for the short videos (cameos) that she and Coltee have sent, she does have an obstacle.

"I am just waiting for my work permit," Larissa reveals.

This is a common and sometimes unexpected barrier for 90 Day Fiance stars who come to the US from overseas.

"Then," Larissa promises. "I will release my website!"

"While I am waiting, I am working on the details with her," Larissa shares.

"Soon," she assures fans. "It will be ready and you guys can get my looks."

Glameer logo Larissa business

"Thank you for your support," Larissa writes.

She shares an image of a logo, which we interpret to read Glameer.

Referring to the image, Larissa reveals: "This is the name of our store!"

(Truth be told, I first read it as Glimeer, which is close to glimmer, which is a real word, but sure)

Larissa shares that she gave the brand this name "because you all are glamorous!"


Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt

Following Larissa's announcement, it was Carmen who spoke to InTouch Weekly about this new business venture.

"The idea of open our business started during a typical conversation between friends," Carmen reveals.

Carmen narrates: "Larissa told me she was trying to buy clothes to go to the gym."

This, Carmen says, was "when she noticed the lack of vibrant colors and feminine designs in the activewear clothing in the US."

A lot of activewear is black or dark gray, partially as a reaction to the neon tones from the '80s and '90s.

"So," Carmen says. "She expressed to me her wish of bringing the Latin designer brand [trends] here and offer the public a different option."

Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima, Still Together

"She really wanted to start a business," Carmen continues. "But she was not quite sure how to do so."

"I had experience in online sales and have a degree in business," she says. "So I thought we could be a perfect match."

"I asked her if she wanted to be partners," Carmen explains that Larissa "immediately said yes."

The last time that Larissa said yes to a partnership, it didn't go very smoothly.

Let us hope that things will be different with her business than with her marriage.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson Wedding Photo

"We decided on it and invested in it together," Carmen reveals.

"I know Larissa for almost 10 years," she continues. "And we totally trust each other."

"We started working together," Carmen adds.

They worked "to find the supplies and define the company’s name, logo, licensing and everything we needed to make the idea come true."

Soon -- presumably as soon as Larissa gets her work visa -- they will be able to work in the US.

In the mean time, she and Colt are somehow still together.

One can only imagine that they will try to iron out their marital problems in the mean time.

Still, it's great that Larissa is launching a business. As we all know, 90 Day Fiance stars are not paid enough.

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