Larissa Lima Tells Fans Colt Johnson is Hiding Money and STILL Cheating

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After Larissa exposed Colt's rampant cheating, it looked like things were over for the 90 Day Fiance couple.

But Colt and Larissa stayed together, vowing to work on their issues, saying that every marriage has its ups and downs.

Now, Larissa has revealed that Colt is hiding money from her and continues to message his Instagram mistresses. Yikes.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt

Larissa has deleted all of her Instagram posts and stories, but not before they were saved by various folks on the internet.

"I am just destroyed," Larissa says through tears. "I have no words."

"I’ve been helping him…night and day, helping him make Cameos…he’s just using me."

"He's texting other girls yesterday," Larissa accuses.

In other words, Colt's talk about trying to repair his relationship was just empty words.

We'll admit that the bulldog filter is wildly out of place in this very serious video.

Larissa with bulldog filter

If you've forgotten that Larissa is a real person, her heartfelt plea in this video will remind you.

"I am destroyed, he should’ve stopped, you know?" she says, her voice breaking with emotion.

"Why you wanna message him?" she asks these women.

Many 90 Day Fiance fans have the exact same question.

"Why you wanna make me sad? Why you wanna hurt me?" Larissa asks. "Why you wanna do it?"

"You know, his woman suffer…Why you wanna send him all types of pictures, his woman suffer?" she wants to know.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Lima, Still Together

"These other girls," Larissa begs. "Stop it."

"I know that he's wrong," Larissa says, referring to Colt's cheating and lies.

"But you," she says. "Need to stop too."

"They do it back," she says, pointing out that Colt's dick pics get reciprocated. "With my face and her buttcheeks!"

She refers to a truly jarring photo that a woman took of her own butt while 90 Day Fiance plays on the screen.

Larissa shares bizarre photo Colt received

She repeatedly asks fans to stop paying for cameos from the couple.

Cameos, in this context, are short little videos that minor celebrities can record for their fans in exchange for money.

Larissa claims that Colt has been keeping all of their cameo money for himself even though she is also part of them.

If fans continue to buy cameos, she worries that Colt will continue to hoard the money for himself.

Who knows -- he may even spend it trying to impress one of his new women.

From the amount that they've already made, he should at least have enough to get a working air conditioner in his car.

Larissa share's Colt's cameo profits

Larissa also reveals that she has been in contact with some of the women who are messaging with Colt.

He has allegedly been telling these women that he and Larissa are secretly divorced.

This is, frankly, alarming, and has made a number of fans wonder if Colt is some kind of sex monster.

Larissa even openly wonders if Colt planned to use her all along to get a little money and a little fame that he could use to find new women.

In the end, she explains that she's apologized for her wrongdoings towards Colt and is trying to be better.

She laments that he won't do the same.

Now, as we mentioned, her Instagram has been wiped clean.

Was this her doing ... or Colt's?

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