Larissa Dos Santos Lima: 90 Day Fiance Star Going to Prison for Assault?

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On November 10, 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Dos Santos Lima was arrested for domestic battery.

Though Colt has insisted that all is forgiven, fans have wondered if this crime could get her deported.

It sounds like she's safe, however, because those charges have now been dropped.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima Mug Shot

The Clark County District Attorney's office confirmed to RadarOnline that Larissa is in the clear.

Per the source, her "case was denied" after a hearing on Tuesday, December 11.

Prosecutors are not pursuing a case against her.

Additionally, Larissa's $1,000 bond was "exonerated," meaning that it was dismissed.

Larissa is a free woman.

Colt and Larissa, Aquarium Visit

In November, Larissa was charged with misdemeanor battery.

The incident was apparently the aftermath of a dispute, but Larissa had locked herself in their bathroom.

After she scared fans and followers half to death with a series of frantic pleas, someone called the police.

Police arrived and handcuffed Colt, who was outside of the bathroom.

However, upon further assessment of the couple, they decided to arrest Larissa instead.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima

This was Larissa's second arrest for domestic battery.

The first was in June, the same month on which she and Colt got married.

She was scheduled for a bench trial in October, but prosecutors ended up dropping the case.

That happens too often with domestic violence charges.

In this case, it may have been because the case would have depended upon Colt's testimony.

If Colt intended to stand by his wife, then there was little that the District Attorney's office could do.

And it appears that, with Colt again unwilling to press charges, prosecutors' hands are tied yet again.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt

Their big fight in November was more or less about the price of "fame."

See, Colt was, at the time, insisting that they not spoil the outcome of their 90 Day Fiance relationship.

The two married, but the general viewing audience didn't know that. Many of them still don't.

Larissa, however, was resentful and even jealous of the attention that Colt received from random female fans on social media.

She felt that, if Colt would affirm that they're married, the attention would stop.

Larissa and a Police Car

When Colt disagreed, it seems that an argument broke out.

Larissa took to social media to accuse Colt of knocking over a shelving unit.

Colt later explained that he tried to diffuse the situation by temporarily deactivating her phone, which backfired and sent her into a panic.

(Take a woman's phone or deactivate it, and she may very reasonably fear for her life)

Larissa was able to access social media, and used it to frantically implore her followers to contact Colt and pressure him to reactivate her phone.

Naturally, someone called the police.

Colt and Larissa in the Cold

Things seem to be better for Colt and Larissa, and they are no longer being shy about their relationship status on social media.

We just hope that there are no further incidents.

Even if police were simply arresting Larissa because she seemed less calm (in many states, police responding to a domestic disturbance must arrest one party or the other), we hope it was a wakeup call.

Just because you feel "passionate" is not an excuse for outrageous behavior.

This case serves as a great reminder that the qualifications for an entertaining reality star are not the same as the qualifications for a model citizen.

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