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Call ’em the fightin’ Kardashian clan.

The whole KarJenner crew is in a confrontational mood this week, and thankfully for us, it’s all playing out in public.

Limited Family Photo
Photo via instagram

Sure the renewed Kanye-Drake beef is getting the most attention, but it seems some other old hostilities have been unearthed, as well.

As you may recall, long before her ill-fated relationship with Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna feuded with Kylie Jenner. Hard.

These days, that beef is mostly squashed, primarily because Kylie is no longer Blac’s most hated of Kris Jenner’s kids.

Blac and Kylie

That title belongs to Rob, who posted nude photos of Chyna online in order to exact revenge following their breakup.

That ked Chyna to file a lawsuit against Rob, and she eventually wound up pointing the finger at his sisters, alleging that the entire family conspired to bring her down.

Now, it seems that in doing so, Chyna made a powerful enemy in billionaire cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner.

Blac Chyna and Her Lips
Photo via instagram

If you’ve ever been to Blac’s social media pages, then you’re probably aware that she promotes the hell out of her artificial eyelash brand, Lashed.

It’s Chyna’s primary business venture, and it now it seems Kylie is coming for her turf, possibly out of pettiness.

"Kylie wanted to take over the eyelash industry since before she was a makeup mogul," a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

Kylie Jenner With Rose Gold Hair Tips
Photo via Instagram

Odd flex, but it seems she’s well on her way,

According to Radar, Kylie filed a trademark request for "mascara, eyelash extension fibers, artificial eyelashes, eyelash tint and non-medicated eyelash serums"

And apparently, that move seriously pissed Chyna off.

Blac Chyna Goes Blue
Photo via Instagram

Blac feels that Kylie is entering the lash game simply as retaliation for Chyna mentioning Kylie in her lawsuit against Rob.

Sounds paranoid, but there might be something to that theory:

"After Blac’s recent court drama where she showed zero compassion, Kylie was like, ‘I am done, and I am going to tank her beauty brand,’" the insider says.

"Needless to say, Chyna is so bitter over this."

Kylie Jenner Shows Of Her Leg Scar and Blonde Hair
Photo via Instagram

It seems Blac is pissed off not only due to Kylie’s alleged motives, but also by the fact that she knows she won’t be able to compete.

"Kylie has put very little work into it, but it will do so well," says the source.

Well, she’s certainly right about that.

This one trade war that Chyna has no chance of winning.