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So you know how Kanye West enjoys expressing his thoughts and feelings on Twitter?

It seems that yesterday, he had just a great big mess of them.

It's Your Call, But...
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Because, OK, Kanye hates Drake, right?

And this is for a lot of reasons.

Earlier this year, Kanye produced an album for Pusha-T, and on the album, Pusha said some not-so-nice things about Drake.

Drake retaliated by saying some equally unkind things about both men in a song of his own.

Drake in 2016
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After that, Pusha released another song in which he let everyone knew that Drake had that kid that he’d been keeping secret.

A few months later, Drake slammed Kanye in yet another song.

And after all that, Kanye got a text yesterday from one of Drake’s producers asking for permission to sample one of his songs.

That’s when things got really bad.

Kanye Actually Smiles
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Kanye tweeted a screenshot of the text and then went off … for a very, very long time.

The gist of it all was that he’s been waiting on an apology from Drake for going after him when he wasn’t even the one who told Pusha about his secret son.

After the first part of the rant, he said that Drake did call to apologize, but just a few hours later, he claimed that "Drake called trying to threaten me."

We can’t even begin to break down everything he said — he seriously tweeted for hours and hours — but he did seem to take the threat seriously.

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"Drake if anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect," he wrote.

He said that he made it possible for Drake to be successful because "I’m the guy with the pink polo that made a way for him."

But now he’s "so street" that he picks on "people with mental health issues" — he did explain that since he’s bipolar, issues like these can make him "ramped."

Kanye begged Drake to "please take the devil up out you" and to stop playing games and just have a real conversation about everything with him.

Kanye West Tweets About Emma Gonzalez

He really did go on for so long.

So, so long.

And Ariana Grande was not having it.

See, last night Ariana was planning on dropping a new song, "Imagine," and she did, but she was on Twitter for a few hours before to talk with her fans and promote the release.

Ariana Grande at the 2018 Billboard Women in Music Awards
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The problem was that so many people were talking about everything that Kanye was saying that it was kind of sucking up all the attention.

So she tweeted this:

"Guys, i know there are grown men arguing online rn but miley and i dropping our beautiful, new songs tonight so if y’all could please jus behave for just like a few hours so the girls can shine that’d be so sick thank u."

Honestly, a lot of people didn’t appreciate the comment — some thought it was a silly cry for attention, others thought Kanye’s claims about death threats were more interesting and important.

Ariana's New Hair
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But Miley was down for Ariana’s plea!

She retweeted it and added "Didn’t they hear the news?! War IS over! Thank you, next!"

Because the song she released last night is called "War is Over," get it?

Unfortunately, Kanye didn’t listen, and he went on for a while after that about how important he’s been for "sneakers fashion music everything" and about how positive vibes are desperately needed.

Which is true, to be fair.

Sorry, Ariana and Miley!