21 Most Iconic Kylie Jenner Pics to Celebrate the Billionaire's 21st Birthday!

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It's August, which means most American 21-year-olds are probably putting in shifts as sandwich artists by day and getting bombed on Natural Ices at night in these final weeks before they head back to the dorms.

But not Kylie Jenner.

No Kylie is overseeing a $800 million cosmetics empire and well on her way to becoming the world's youngest self-made billionaire.

Oh, and don't forget that Kylie is a new mom, having welcomed daughter Stormi in February of this year.

All very impressive stuff, but for the purposes of our conversation today, we'd like to focus on a much more superficial aspect of Kylie's awesomeness:

We're talking, of course, about the fact that she's crazy hot.

Yes, as a labor of love, we decided to celebrate Kylizzle's b-day by painstakingly sifting through her thousands of selfies in order to sort out her sexiest pics.

You're welcome, America:

1. Kylie as a Pin-Up

Kylie as a Pin-Up
To look at her racy pics, you'd never guess that Kylie just had a baby a few months ago. Of course, being 21 and having the ability to afford an army of trainers and nutritionists probably helps.

2. Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild
Kylie likes her animal prints. And judging from the millions of likes she gets on pics like these, her followers like them, too.

3. Doing It All

Doing It All
In the same week, Kylie covered Forbes and GQ. She might not be a billionaire yet, but she can strike a sexy pose much better than Mark Zuckerberg.

4. Strategic Angles

Strategic Angles
Maybe someday, Kylie will go fully nude in the pages of Playboy like her big sister Kim. For now, however, she keeps her bits strategically obscured.

5. Effortless Hotness

Effortless Hotness
Kylie doesn't always have to bare a lot of skin. Sometimes, she likes to get hearts racing with a simple pose like this one.

6. Never Shy

Never Shy
Say what you will about Kylie, the woman knows what the internet likes. And that knowledge has helped her build an $800 billion business empire.

7. Swimsuit Curves

Swimsuit Curves
Did we mention Kylie is in impressive shape? Here, we present exhibit number 43 bajillion to support our argument.

8. Sexy Besties

Sexy Besties
Kylie is so hot she attracts other hot people. It's like she possesses some sort of gravitational pull that only affects the physically flawless residents of Calabasas.

9. Pregnancy Hotness

Pregnancy Hotness
Kylie mostly laid low on social media during her pregnancy, but she occasionally teased fans with revealing pics like this one.

10. Showing Off the Goods

Showing Off the Goods
And by "the goods," of course, we mean her lingerie collection. Get your head out of the gutter, hypothetical reader!

11. Not Leaving Much to the Imagination

Not Leaving Much to the Imagination
Like any good entertainer, Kylie knows how to leave the people wanting more. And for that, we thank her.

12. Sexy Sisters

Sexy Sisters
Kylie and Kendall complement one another's hotness. They're like the peanut butter and jelly of sexy Instagram posts.

13. Allergic to Clothes

Allergic to Clothes
Kylie never goes fully nude, but she's rarely fully-dressed. Like her sisters, she loves fashion, but hates clothes.

14. She Knows What Sells

She Knows What Sells
This was an ad for Kylie's famous lip kit line. She sure knows how to attract the consumer's attention.

15. Profiles In Hotness

Profiles In Hotness
Kylie knows the rules when it comes to making the camera love you. The first and most important is acting like you don't care if the camera loves you.

16. Caliente

This is Kylie posing for GQ Mexico. You can't build a wall around all that hotness! Or something ...

17. Suggestive Fruit

Suggestive Fruit
Kylie decided to pose for a photo while eating a banana. Let your Freudian brain run wild with the implications.

18. Cleave on the Gram

Cleave on the Gram
Are Kylie's curves natural, or the result of surgical efforts to look more like Kim? When you're looking at a pic like this, the only correct answer is, who cares?

19. Buck Nekkid

Buck Nekkid
Terry Richardson took this photo of Kylie. It was a simpler time when everyone was okay with what a perv Terry Richardson is.

20. Rubber Soul

Rubber Soul
This Kylie posing in latex. We'd say more about this pic, but we're pretty sure no one is reading the caption.

21. Vacation Belfie

Vacation Belfie
And of course, Kylie is keeping family tradition alive by posting endless photos of her butt. We wish her a happy birthday and look forward to many more years of racy selfies.

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