Khloe Kardashian and Kim Fear the Worst: Is Kourtney Becoming Rob?!?

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians may have taken a break from depicting the ugly (FAKE?) feud between sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney on last Sunday's Kris-themed episode...

... but make no mistake:

The rivalry will be revisted on the next all-new episode of Season 15.

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In sneak peek at this Sunday's Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kim and Khloe sit down to talk about their ongoing beef with their older sibling.

For starters, Khloe recalls a vicious phone call she had with Kourtney, where Khloe claims the mom of three was "talking shit."

We don't see this phone call, but we're totally sure it happened and not that producers just told the cast members to make it up.

"She was like, 'Me and Kendall were talking about you,'" Khloe says of this alleged call, explaining in more detail:

"She goes, 'You're really scared about how your life is gonna turn out.' She thinks I'm scared, that's why I'm 'acting out,' because I don't want to let my old life go. What?"

(For contest, Khloe was pregnant when this episode was filmed back in December.)

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"She's so off," Kim says in response, adding that Kourtney is being a "freak."

After screaming at Kourtney earlier about how she's been shirking her responsibilities to the family, Kim and Khloe decide to call Kendall in order to talk about how "absurd" this whole thing is.

"The fact that you even hang out with Kourtney, you're such a f-cking freak," Kim jokes to Kendall. "I question your morals. I question your humanity."

But Kendall isn't really in on the joke. She doesn't get it.

"What? Why? Kourt is my best friend right now," Jenner says defensively, while also making the mistake of saying that Kourtney might not actually spend Christmas with her sisters.

What? HUH?!?!?

Could this be a "cry for help" from Kourtney, Kim wonders.

Maybe a "cry for attention," sort of like how black sheep brother Rob Kardashian does stupid stuff just to get noticed by his relatives or the public at large?

"Okay, that is crossing the line," Kendall replies hilariously, taking a major swipe at Rob in the process.

A Death Stare

"Every time we talk about her I get more upset," Khloe tells Kim of Kourtney.

"She drives me so crazy, I just don't even know what to do," Kim responds.

It's pretty easy and obvious, really: Just read the script and do whatever it says to do next. D'uh!

Check out this intense clip now!

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