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For the past several months, we’ve been predicting that Josh Duggar is planning to return to television in the very near future.

The signs have been everywhere, and based on his family’s recent social media activity, it seems the dreaded day is fast approaching.

Josh Duggar on Election Day
Photo via Instagram

Josh’s comeback tour began back in September, when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar paid tribute to their disgraced son on the family’s official Facebook page.

Josh and Anna were celebrating their ten-year anniversary, so it wasn’t terribly surprising that his parents decided to put him front and center.

What was surprising, however, was the fact that Josh continued to make appearances on his family’s social media pages long after his milestone anniversary had passed.

Josh Duggar Is Back
Photo via Facebook

As you probably recall, in the wake of the Josh Duggar sex scandals of 2015, the former reality star and lobbyist completely disappeared from the public eye.

During that time, the Duggars focused on rebuilding their media empire, which forced the family to shove Josh to the margins.

However, even during that uncertain time, the Duggars repeatedly refused to commit to the idea of permanently banning Josh from their television projects.

Josh Duggar With Wife and Kids
Photo via Instagram

And so, for many fans, the recent efforts to rebuild Josh’s reputation have not come as much of a surprise.

At this point, the family is including him in social media posts without explanation, as though nothing ever happened.

This past weekend, Josh hammed it up in photos taken at an ugly Christmas sweater party thrown by his siblings.

Josh Duggar at Christmas
Photo via Instagram

Yes, he looks happier than ever, and the pics convinced many skeptics that Josh will make his long-feared return to television on the upcoming season of Counting On.

As a result of the controversy, Anna Duggar has been reluctantly forced into the spotlight, as many of her social media followers have questioned her decision to remain with Josh.

“I love [Anna] so much, but Josh’s sins should make her look the other way and run,” one fan commented on her anniversary post.

Josh Kisses Anna
Photo via Instagram

Astonishingly, others are in favor of the mother of five remaining married to an admitted child molester.

“For all the nay-sayers: why would you want a family to break up? For kids to bounce between homes?” wrote one such baffling human being.

Many Duggar fans are holding out hope that the family will come to its senses and put the brakes on Josh’s comeback.

Call us cynics, but we can’t help fearing the worst …