Anna Duggar Spotted Breastfeeding: Did She Secretly Have Another Kid?!

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If you follow the family, then you're probably aware that not a week goes by without a new Duggar-related controversy.

Usually, these mini-scandals come and go, and a reasonable explanation emerges eventually.

But the latest is one of the most bonkers to come down the pipe in a while, and the Duggars might have a hard time explaining this one away.

Fans believe Anna Duggar can be seen breastfeeding in a recent photo, and since her youngest child is more than a year old, the pic raises some serious questions.

Take a look:

1. Secret Baby?

Secret Baby?
Did Anna somehow give birth to a sixth child without Duggar fans knowing?

2. Could It Be?

Could It Be?
It seems impossible that Anna could have carried and given birth to a baby without Duggar fans being aware of it. But then again ...

3. The Down-Low

The Down-Low
She and Josh do keep a lower profile than the rest of his family, largely as a result of the many scandals Josh has been involved with.

4. But Why?

But Why?
Is it possible that they would be able to conceal an entire pregnancy? And even if they could, why would they?

5. Josh Is Back

Josh Is Back
Josh and Anna made a rare semi-public appearance at the Duggars' annual ugly Christmas party over the weekend.

6. The "Evidence"

The "Evidence"
This is the pic that has fans in an uproar. Anna can be seen in the lower lefthand corner.

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