Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: Is It REALLY Over?!

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For years now, fans have been speculating on the possibility of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard getting divorced.

It sounds crazy -- after all, the Duggars very strongly disapprove of divorce -- but then again the family has never had to deal with an in-law like Derick before.

Jill and Derick Dillard Pic

For quite some time, insiders have concurred that the Duggars simply don't like Dillard.

The reports of Derick cheating on Jill remain unconfirmed, but sources say Jim Bob and Michelle are angry with their daughter's husband for even putting himself in a position where infidelity might seem plausible.

And of course, there are the other reasons that the Duggars aren't huge fans of Derick's, chief among them is his bizarre attack on Jazz Jennings, a transgender teen and fellow TLC star.

Jill Loves Derick

While the Duggars agree with Derick's bigoted views, they typically like to keep the uglier aspects of their belief system under wraps, and Dillard violated a cardinal rule with his social media tantrum.

“They don’t like what he is doing,” a source told OK! magazine at the time.

“[Jim Bob and Michelle] aren’t a fan of what he says and how he says it.”

Derick Dillard with Jill Duggar Pic

All of this is to say that the Duggars might be a bit flexible on their staunch anti-divorce views when it comes to Derick.

And based on the family's latest social media activity, some fans think Jill and Derick are well on their way to calling it quits.

Over the weekend, the Duggars held an ugly Christmas sweater party.

Jill and Derick Dillard with Family

It seems this is a new tradition for the Counting On clan, and everyone turned out sporting their garish red-and-green best.

Well ... almost everyone.

As many fans pointed out, it appears that Jill attended the event solo.

Jill and Jessa Christmas Pic

As the other Duggars posed with their spouses, Jill opted to take a photo with her sister Jessa.

The official explanation from the Duggars is that Derick was studying for finals.

(Dillard is currently a law student at the University of Arkansas.)

Other insiders have claimed that Derick generally steers clear of Duggar family events due to friction with Jill's parents.

Derick Dillard with Jill

Of course, Michelle and Jim Bob are currently in Honduras for a missionary trip, so that excuse doesn't quite hold water.

So is it possible that Jill and Derick are actually headed for divorce?

We'll keep an eye on the situation, but if there's really trouble in fundamentalist paradise, you can bet the Duggars will go to great lengths to keep the split under wraps.

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