Gretchen Rossi: Pregnant with First Child... Ever!

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Gretchen Rossi may no longer be a cast member on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

But she still knows how to make headlines.

And, in this case, she has done so with the most exciting news possible...

Gretchen Rossi with the Kiss

... she's expecting her first child!

Rossi and Slade Smiley announced this blessed development during an appearance on The Doctors.

"Finally we have news, that we are pregnant!" Gretchen said, prior to Slade adding: "And we're freaked out... but in a good way."

The couple has been together for a decade and they have been engaged for the past five years.

They've spent four of those years trying to conceive and appeared on this medically-themed talk show to discuss their use of IVF.

The Doctors actually aired the emotional moment when Rossi first learned the news, which caused her to burst into a puddle of happy ears.

slade kiss

Smiley also recounted hearing their little one's heartbeat for the first time.

"All of this has been such an overwhelming journey," he said. "And so when you get to those little milestones and you know you're hearing the heartbeat, it's so exciting but it's also a relief."

"It's so wild," Gretchen added. "It still doesn't feel real."

During her on-air interview, the mother-to-be grew very candid, opening up about her struggles with fertility and how she often feared she would never give birth.

"After the first round of IVF, when we lost 14 embryos, I looked at Slade and said, 'I just need to take a pause,'" she recalled, elaborating as follow:

"This is beyond anything I had ever expected to experience. It literally took a good year and a half for us to even get to a point where I was willing to talk about it again."

Gretchen Rossi and Slade

Has this been a struggle? Yes, of course.

However, Smiley and Rossi said their "emotional journey" has brought them "so much closer together."

Do they know the gender of their impending child? No, but Rossi thinks it will be a girl.

Does Gretchen have morning sickness? Yes, but it lasts all day and is the "worst thing ever," she said.

slade s

Still, of course, she would not trade any of this for anything in the world.

"There was plenty of times during the process that we were like, 'Oh my gosh. Is this ever going to happen? Is this ever going to come to fruition?'" Gretchen said, adding:

"But I think that we're so very grateful, because had we not had IVF, we would not be sitting here right now telling you that we're pregnant."

Smiley has two children from previous relationships.

We wish him and Rossi the very best.

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