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Cardi B does not miss all of Offset.

She doesn’t mean the part of him that lied and cheated and slept with a woman named Sum Bunni while the stars were married.

But the artist is very candid in the video below…

Cardi B with Offset

… she REALLY missed getting flat-out rammed in bed by Offset.

She misses his "big, fat, black and heavy" penis and how it fit perfectly down her throat and got all deep up inside her vagina and how it left her panting and exhaused and begging for more.

Sorry. We’re not trying to be all crude or inappropriate here.

We’re just straight up quoting Cardi B herself.

About two weeks after she announced the end of her marriage to Offset, and just days after he made a public spectacle of trying to win her back, the singer has sat down for a new video in which she gets very open and very raw.

About doing Offset raw.

In the footage above, Cardi continually slurps loudly on coffee while that her "gag reflexes are leaving because I haven’t sucked dick in such a long time."

She then grows all melancholy and adds: I miss sucking.

Does this mean Cardi B is going to take Offset back?

The rapper has openly pleaded for his wife to forgive him and Cardi does admit the following in this revealing video:

"I’m about to to relapse and call this n-gga," explaining why as follows:

“I miss [his dick] a lot. I want it in my throat, inside of me, demolishing me, destroying me.”

Well then.

Offset Kisses Cardi B

Last Friday, Offset kept things a little cleaner in filming his own video, telling Instagram followers:

I only got one birthday wish and that’s to get my wife back, Cardi. We going through a lot of things right now, a lot of things in the media. I wanna apologize to you, Cardi.

You know, I embarrassed you. I made you look crazy. Doing things I ain’t have no business.

I was taking part in activity that I shouldn’t have been taking in, and I apologize.

By this, of course, Offset meant that he was demolishing and/or destroying other women.

He was being disloyal to his wife, and he was doing it while she was carrying his daughter to term.

Cardi B and Offset Selfie

The night after this video went viral, Offset actually stormed the stage of a Cardi B performance; interrupted her show; and once again apologized.

As you can see below, Cardi doesn’t appear to be happy with this crashing and sends her husband away.

But questions have since arisen about the nature of this interruption.

Did Offset truly take Cardi by surprise?

Did security simply fail at its only job?

Or are Cardi and Offset playing the public for fools while they mess around, talk about having rough sex with each other and use this entire situation as a PR ploy?

"I see a lot of people bashing me because they feel that because I’m defending my baby father, they think that I’m gonna get back together with him,” Cardi said over the weekend, after telling folks to give Offset a break.

She added at the time:

“I’m not saying that I’m gonna get back together with him. I just don’t like that bashing online thing."

It’s true. It’s not the bashing of Offset that she’s into.

It’s the smashing from Offset that she really misses a lot these days.