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Cardi B and Offset are back together.

We mean this literally.

Cardi B and Offset: A Photo
Photo via Getty

The roller coaster couple, whose marriage seemingly came to an end three weeks ago, were spotted on Friday in Puerto Rico.

TMZ has posted a photo of the artists on a jet ski in this territory, Cardi’s arms around Offset’s waist and a large smile on both their faces.

The previously estranged couple was in the region because Cardi played a set Friday night in San Juan at the Electric Holiday festival.

They’ve been in the news non-stop all month because, as mentioned above and depicted below, Cardi told the world that she was separating from her husband.

Cardi B and Offset: It's Over!

The day after this news broke, text messages between Offset and a woman named Summer Bunni made their way around the Internet, during which the rapper asked his person to arrange for a threesome…

… without Cardi as one of the participants.

Summer Bunni then confessed that she had been having an affair with Offset.

She apologized for her naked actions and said it was never her "intention" to break up a happy home.

She just didn’t think Offset’s marriage was very serious.

From there, well… things got really weird.

First, Offset begged and pleaded for Cardi to take him back, alleging that he never slept with Summer Bunni, but admitting that he did "entertain her."

Offset Begs, PLEADS for Forgiveness from Cardi B

Then, Offset appeared on stage at one of Cardi’s concert and once again issued a mea culpa.

Cardi appeared uninterested in what her husband had to say and Offset quickly left the stage.

But nearly everyone with three or more working brain cells assumed this was nothing but some weird PR ploy by the couple.

You can watch below and try to judge for yourself.

Offset Crashes Cardi B Concert, Issues VERY Public Apology
Photo via Scott Dudelson

And then from there… well… Cardi B recorded a video in which she gushed and gushed about Offset’s penis.

She said she missed having it in her mouth.

And said she missed having it inside of her.

And said she really wanted her man to "demolish" her once again.

She said all this while loudly slurping on coffee, as you can see here:

What does all of this add up to, when you also consider the latest sighting in Puerto Rico?

We can’t say for certain whether Cardi and Offset are an official item once again.

But we can say with confidence that we bet both wake up feeling rather sore in the morning… if you know what we mean.