Anca Pop, Canadian-Romanian Singer, Found Dead in River

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Anca Pop, a Canadian-Romanian singer who recently made headlines for her controversial same-sex relationship, was found dead on Monday.

She was 34 years old.

Anca Pop

Authorities are looking into this tragic death because they discovered Anca’s body yesterday after divers found her car submerged in the Danube River in south-western Romania.

The Associated Press was the first outlet to confirm her passing.

According to this initial report, police started began looking into the artist's whereabouts after her sister told cops that she never made it to their family home Sunday night.

As of this writing, it remains unclear how Anca’s vehicle plunged into the water.


Pop's passing comes two years after she released a self-titled album two years ago, featuring music that Billboard described back then as a mix of Balkan and mainstream.

As far as her backstory goes... it's a fascinating one.

In 1987, Anca’s family was forced to flee communist Romania, crossing the same river she died in on a small raft.

They sought refuge in Canada, yet returned to Romania after the end of communism, Billboard explained.


Earlier this year, Anca revealed she was in a relationship with a woman, which stirred up quite a controversy in the conservative nation of Romania, the AP writes.

Very popular in Japan, along with the two countries in which she resided over the years, Anca collaborated with Bosnian musician Goran Bregovic on his album Champagne for Gypsies.

Following the news of her death, hundreds of fans shared their well wishes under Anca’s last Instagram post -- which ironically and sadly happened to be a photo of herself gazing at the Danube River.

pop pic

Wrote one follower:

"I’m so sorry, Anca, a woman so beautiful and full of life. The world remains poorer after your departure. Thank you for sharing what you have been with us!”

And another:

"Rest in peace beautiful.”

And another:


Anca is survived by her sister and parents. May she rest in peace.

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