The Voice Recap: Who Won Season 15?

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The Voice crowned another winner on Tuesday night. 

It's hard to believe it, but that marks fifteen people who have won the competition. We think it's fair to say that the series doesn't exactly make people stars who set the charts alight, but we just can't stop watching. 

Chris Kroeze, Chevel Shepherd, Carson Daly on The Voice

The Voice Season 15 has been littered with controversy, and much of that is down to Adam Levine's knack for throwing his acts under the bus and choosing clear favorites. 

We wonder if the producers will be as subtle as him when they say his contract is not being renewed for The Voice Season 16. 

We kid, mostly. 

In any case, it was down to Kennedy Holmes (Team Jennifer), Kirk Jay (Team Blake), Chris Kroeze (Team Blake), Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly) to vie for the votes to be crowned the winner. 

But how did the important performances play out? No, we don't mean the guests the show likes to bring back to pad the episode out for dear life. 

The Voice Season 15 Poster

We're talking about the above competitors, of course. 

Kennedy Holmes (Team Jennifer) and Kelly Rowland - “When Love Takes Over”  

Kelly Rowland returned to perform with finalist, Kennedy. Yeah, Kennedy would probably have liked to sing with Beyoncé more, but oh well. 

Kennedy turned in another solid performance, but there were some issues with it. For a start, this was supposed to be a duet, and it came across more like a battle. 

Kirk Jay (Team Blake) and Rascall Flatts - “Back to Life”

Kirk managed to bounce back after his weak Monday performance. It was his best performance of the season and proved that he is one of the worthiest finalists. 

Adam Levine Has Platinum Hair

Chris Kroeze (Team Blake) and the Doobie Brothers - “Long Train Runnin'”

Chris continued to be a middle of the road performer. The Doobie Brothers managed to sing better than the finalist, so that's a big problem. 

Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly) and Dan + Shay - “Speechless”

This performance was quite a surprise. Chevel has not been the strongest of singers, but she brought her A game on Tuesday night with a performance that ticked all of the boxes. 

In the end, Kennedy was eliminated fourth, Kirk Jay third, and Chris in second place. That meant the winner of The Voice Season 15 is ... Chevel Shepherd. 

Chevel Shepherd Wins The Voice Season 15

This was a huge surprise. He's not been consistent all season long, so something tells us this win came from fans of Kelly Clarkson. 

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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The Voice returns in March 2019.

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