90 Day Fiance Recap: "Take the Ring and F-ck You!"

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On this week's new episode of 90 Day Fiance, Eric chose someone he's known for approximately 90 days over someone he has known literally his entire life:

His daughter.

this 90 dude

How did it even arrive at this point?

Leida said she was prepared to call it quits with Eric and head back to Indonesia because he refused to buy her new furniture.

That was the reason the pair started to argue at least.

Leida explained how was overly stressed about child support and also about Eric's daughter, Tasha, still living in the house with them. She claimed to be truly fed up and nearly finished with it all.

“I feel like I’m forcing myself to get married with you because I don’t want to leave this country cause I have a lot of opportunity to pursue my medical career here,” she told Eric.

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After some cajoling, however, Leida accepted the child support.

However, after she arrived home and saw Tasha’s dirty room, she lost it once again. 

“If you’re going to threaten to leave him, get the f-ck out of my country,” Tasha screamed at Leida, sick and tired of her threats.

But this was not the route Eric chose to go; nope, Leida actually got him to kick Tasha out, making Tasha feel like her father was selecting Leida over his children.

Because that's exactly what he was doing.

“I don’t know where me and my dad stand anymore,” Tasha cried. “I don’t want to just not see my dad anymore, but if this is how it’s going to be, then I guess it’s how it’s going to be.”

Crazy, right?

And also crazy sad?

Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt

Speaking of crazy, let's turn to Colt and Larissa, shall we?

The couple is MARRIED, in case you had not heard, but tension still exists between Colt's family and his now-wife.

In an attempt to do away with it, Colt wanted to host a barbecue in the hopes that Larissa, his mom, Debbie, and his cousin John could try to develop some kind of relationship.

However, the plan backfired when Larissa started talking about them moving out and leaving Debbie behind, which prompted a great deal of screaming and yelling.

You know, par for the Colt and Larissa course.

“Nobody will make me believe that just because she’s Colt’s mother she’s allowed to make my life a hell,” Larissa said to John, addng:

“I love him and I want to respect his mother, but I won’t put my head down and let someone control me.”

Sick of pretending he was in support of the marriage, John went right ahead and took aim at Larissa in response.

Colt and Larissa, Aquarium Visit

“You should feel like a damn queen with a rock like that but, no, you take advantage,” John said. “That bitch is here for his money. Period. … This is fake. It’s bullsh-t. That’s not true love.”

From there, Larissa disinvited John to her wedding and Colt tried to calm his fiancee down.

To no avail whatsoever.

“Take your f-cking ring,” Larissa yelled. “Marry the woman your mother like. OK, take the ring and f-ck you."

Were things any calmer for Ashley and Jay?

These two were feeling uneasy after they received a series of racist and violent threats against them and their wedding.

ash and jay

In response, they installed security cameras in their house, yet their friends and family member were dropping out of attending the nuptials because they felt unsafe.

The stars figured they had no choice but to elope in Las Vegas as a result.

“The racist comments on our website really rattled us,” Ashley said. “Sometimes I think that a scary situation makes you get closer in your relationship.”

Finally, we conclude with Asuelu and Kalani.

Their relationship was on the thin ice after they got into a heated exchange last week in front of Kalani’s sister.

Kalani and Asuelu on 90 Day Fiance

Kalani felt as if she didn’t want to marry Asuelu anymore, while Asuelu simply grew quiet and shut down any time she brought this up.

On Sunday night, however, they tried to talk about their major issues.

“You’re not the person that I knew in Samoa,” Kalani said. “You don’t really talk to me. You don’t really try to fix problems.”

Asuelu responded with tears, saying he felt a lack physical affection from Kalani.

“He really believes that I don’t love him if I don’t want to cuddle him,” Kalani said, seemingly in shock that Asuelu could feel this way.

Thankfully, though, this discussed seemed to clear up some problems in their relationship and Kalani even admitted she was excited to plan their wedding.

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