Prince Harry and Prince William: Our Wives Are Tearing Us Apart!

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Even though even Prince Charles knows Meghan Markle is cooler than Kate Middleton, both Duchesses and their Princely husbands are as thick as thieves.

But that may be about to change after Meghan gives birth.

Apparently, Prince Harry and Prince William are drawing up plans to divide their joint "court" and have separate offices.

Prince Harry and Prince William, Royal Brothers

Prince William and Prince Harry are very close, even for siblings, but they're looking to create some distance.

According to The Sunday Times, William and Harry are considering separating their joint "court" at Kensington Palace.

They would instead go on and create two separate offices.

These alleged plans would only be implemented this spring or later, after Meghan Markle's due date.

That is, of course, if they follow through with it at all.

The Quarter is in the House!

We know that it's always tempting for people to suspect some sort of secret family rift as the culprit.

That's always interesting a juicy, but only rarely true.

The Princes have an actual purpose for dividing into separate offices, and it's because they have different royal destinies.

William will one day be Prince of Wales. He is his father's heir.

And it seems likely that William will one day be king, barring a bizarre set of circumstances.

Harry and Meghan will very naturally want to forge their own path, according ot insiders.

Meghan Markle Bends Down

Sally Bedell Smith, author of Royals, spoke to People on the subject of this potential separation.

"The arrival of Meghan has changed the dynamic of the relationship in a fairly significant way," Smith reports.

That makes a lot of sense. Harry was the center of attention for something other than international thirst.

"It is inevitable and practical," Smith says of the move for separate offices.

Smith says it will happen "because it gives Harry and Meghan some freedom to build up their own collection of interests and charities."

The Royally Best Man

Meghan is a passionate, caring person.

"Meghan has very strong views on what she is interested in," Smith affirms.

"And," Smith notes. "That may be what Harry shares."

That wouldn't be a surprise. They dated for a long time before they married.

It would only make sense for them to have a lot of shared passions.

"But," Smith admits, Meghan and Harry's charitable interests may be "not what William and Kate share."

Prince and Duchess

"They have brought many charities working in the same sector together to empower them and lend their positions," Smith says of the Princes.

"But," Smith continues. "They will increasingly follow their own respective interests."

A report has claimed that Prince Harry's friends don't like Meghan's Left-leaning views on topics such as animal welfare.

They allegedly consider such views "trendy," which is exactly what you'd expect from terminally British aristocrats.

"I think it really is just a shift in priorities and interests,” Smith suggests.

“William is a husband and father of three and his focus is primarily on them," Smith notes. "And Harry will soon be a father."


In Sally Bedell Smith's estimation, both Princes will more or less go on as they have.

"Each of them will continue [to be] the very strong representative of the Queen," Smith says.

Smith says that they will do so "in carrying out tasks and assignments that she, and probably their father, wants them to do."

Royal duties don't go away, even when you're a parent.

And separate offices won't change that.

"They are going to be sharing in this diffusion of activities on behalf of the Queen," Smith affirms.

That said, the palace had no official comment on this story. The princes may go in another direction.

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