Paris Jackson: Family Fears She's Headed For an Overdose Like Her Father

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Few 20-year-olds people have known lives of such unfathomable privilege and devastating tragedy as Paris Jackson's.

Paris is financially set to the point that she never has to do work a day in her life if she so chooses, and she was born into one of the most famous families in the history of the entertainment industry.

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But Paris has also experienced a disproportionate amount of grief and uncertainty in her young life, as her world was thrown into chaos following the death of her iconic father, Michael Jackson.

As we've learned far too many times in the past, the combination of remarkable privilege and unresolved trauma can often prove deadly, and sources say Paris' family is terrified of the road she's headed down.

In the years since Paris' suicide attempt, the up-and-coming model often appeared to have found a measure of stability.

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But according to a new report published today by Radar Online, those days are long gone, and Paris is back to partying hard and engaging in self-destructive behavior.

Recently, Paris began dating Gabriel Glenn, a musician who her family fears has been a negative influence.

“Paris is so lost right now and everyone believes that she is doing drugs with Gabriel,” a Jackson family friend tells Radar Online.

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“She is infatuated with him and the two of them lock themselves in her house and don’t let anyone come in or get near them.”

The insider adds that Paris' grandmother, Katherine Jackson, “cries over it constantly because she has not seen this side of Paris.”

In recent weeks, Katherine and other family members have come to fear that Paris is headed for another mental breakdown, and her unpredictable behavior has led to fears of an undiagnosed mental health disorder.

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“She changes her mind every other minute about what direction she is going in and doesn’t know who she is anymore," says the source.

“It is so sad,” the insider adds.

“Paris is not even 21 yet and she is photographed in a different bar every other night.

"Paris has this delusion that she and Gabriel are soul mates and have met many times in past lives.”

Paris Jackson, Wild Hair

Efforts at an intervention have thus far failed, as Paris has been down this road before and knows how to avoid such situations.

"She won’t let anyone come close enough to her to help," says the source.

“At this point it seems like no one can save her from herself."

Unfortunately, that seems unlikely as long as Paris is stuck in the cycle of partying all night and holing up with Glenn all day.

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“She is locking herself up in her house with Gabriel and keeps everything a secret," says the insider.

Paris' situation is especially frightening, as the children of addicts are far more likely to suffer from addiction themselves.

Here's hoping Michael's beloved daughter is able to find the help she needs before it's too late.

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