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If you’ve ever watched The View, you’ve obviously found yourself thinking "dumb opinions just aren’t represented enough on this show!"

That may be about to change.

Apparently ABC is looking at none other than disgraced former Today host Megyn Kelly to become a full-time host on The View.

Megyn Kelly Listens
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RadarOnline reports that Megyn Kelly might have a permanent seat at the table on The View.

"They want her as a full-time host," a network insider reveals.

Megyn would become another talking head on the all-female panel that includes Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Meghan McCain.

"Execs are very hot on the idea," the source shares.

If you are of the opinion that one can never have enough blondes whose name is a variation on Megan, then sure.

Whoopi Goldberg on the Red Carpet
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Apparently, it is the network’s view that Megyn would bring a much-needed voice to the show.

"They think she would be able to keep up with [co-host] Whoopi Goldberg," and insider says. "And keep her in check."

Why does Whoopi need to be kept in check, exactly? 

We don’t seem to recall her losing control and eating a guest’s face.

But some at ABC are loving the idea.

The source says: "They think it would be blockbuster to have her."

Sure, it is just as good of an idea as the concept of the Blockbuster chain of stores sounds in late 2018.

Megyn Kelly as Today Anchor
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It’s important to note that a rep for ABC flatly denied that they’re looking to bring Megyn Kelly over to The View.

But RadarOnline‘s source insists that they’re in the early stages of negotiations, but that Megyn’s eager to eventually join the show.

So … we’re definitely treating this as an unconfirmed report.

Speaking of negotations, she’s still negotiating with NBC to leave with all of the money they’d promised her.

There was also talk about Megyn going back to her old network, FOX.

"Once the non-compete clause is figured out," the insider says."The View is most likely going to be one of the first places she appears on."

The source continues that she’ll appear "at least as a guest, at first."

Megyn Kelly: Pro Blackface!
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Apparently, one thing that Megyn would like to talk about on television is how her latest gig ended.

"Megyn likes the idea of having a real conversation and not a fake conversation about what happened at NBC," the insider reveals.

"She finally wants to say what execs told her," the source continues. "They said if she apologized, they would have her back."

The insider adds: "She did apologize and they didn’t have her back."

Of course, maybe NBC executives didn’t realize how much damage she had done, or how intense the backlash would be.

And maybe they realized that, if they didn’t end her reign now, she’d say something worse, later.

Megyn Kelly Claps
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“She asked for $10 million to sign a confidentiality agreement," the source says.

"But," the insider continues. "NBC isn’t going to pay that."

The source explains: "So she’s saying, ‘okay, I’ll expose it all.’"

That won’t endear her to her former employers, and what looks like legal blackmail won’t look great to future employers, either.

But better blackmail than blackface, we guess.

Meghan McCain Speaks on The View
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But seriously, how many blonde centrist-conservatives whose names are some permutation of Megan does The View need?

Either there will be two of them, or Meghan McCain will leave the show only to be replaced by Megyn Kelly.

Both of those scenarios sound awkward as hell.

We hate to boil it down to hair color and names, but that’s something that execs should keep in mind.

Also, since Megyn Kelly’s ratings on Today were described as "historic lows for NBC," maybe she’s not exactly a ticket to success.