Logan Paul Taunts His Critics: Good Luck Trying to Cancel Me!

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As 2017 came to a close, insufferable bro Logan Paul mocked a suicide victim and posed with the body while in Japan.

The now-disgraced YouTube star is hoping to repair his image and make a comeback.

He's also taunting his critics, saying that no one can shut him down.

Logan Paul, Tiny Mustache

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the infamously obnoxious Logan Paul tries to explain why he filmed a suicide victim in the first place.

"My first feeling was just dis-f--king-belief," Logan explains. "I should have felt empathy."

He says: "I should have been like, 'Hey, this is wrong. Let's not do what we're doing.'"

"I was disrespectful everywhere: U.S., Italy, France," Logan admits, noting that Japan wasn't the only site of his rude behavior.

He admits: "The old Logan was plain old insensitive."

The new Logan, it seems, is trying to be better about hiding it.

Chloe Bennet and Logan Paul Adopt a Pig

As we learned to our horror in July, Chloe Bennet is dating Logan Paul for some reason.

In his interview, he reveals that she was with him on his travels but left Japan early -- and predicted his downfall.

"Yo," he recalls being warned. "This behavior is going to bite you in the ass."

"I don't know how," Chloe reportedly told him. "I don't know when -- but you're going to crash and burn."

The when was very soon, and the how was he-filmed-himself-mocking-a-suicide-victim.

Logan Paul Returns

He says that he doesn't bear YouTube any ill will for finally punishing him.

"I mean," he says. "YouTube had to take a stance.

"They're not going to let some kid f--k up their ad platform," Logan reasons.

We have to say that Logan Paul is far from the worst thing that YouTube has ever used to turn a profit.

This is a platform whose suggested video algorithm has played a disturbing role in the rise of "red pill" guys and white nationalism.

Logan Paul is a Loser

He says that, in the aftermath of posting the infamous "suicide forest" video, he was shaken by the response.

"I'm getting texts from friends, family, colleagues, accomplices," he says.

He continues: "I'm like, 'Wow, I really f--ked up, to a degree that this may be the only thing people remember me by, and that is my worst nightmare.'"

Logan then describes having "wobbled around [his] hotel room, not sure what the f--k to do."

Ultimately, he did delete it and replace it with an apology video.

"You could tell in the video," he says. "I'm like, f--king tired. It's horrible."

Logan Paul on the Red Carpet

In the aftermath, he sat down with 10 handlers for an 8-hour meeting.

"Can you imagine?" he says. "We [were] building the biggest f--king brand in the world. We're on the verge of, like, product launches."

"We were about to create the next Axe [body spray]!" he exclaims.

Say what you will, but it's difficult to think of a single celebrity who better encapsulates the public perception of Axe body spray than Logan Paul.

"And here we are," Logan says. "Just trying to wrap our heads around what happened."

We know that it's tempting to ask how this happened at all if he has 10 entire handlers, but think about it: they have an impossible job.

Logan Paul on Instagram

He then parrots what sounds like an enlightened, thoughtful reflection.

"The first question I asked myself at the beginning of the year was, 'How do we fix this?'" he describes.

Logan Paul then says: "When the question I should have asked myself was, 'How do I fix me?'"

That almost sounds like something that you'd read in a fortune cookie.

Kudos to his handlers or his girlfriend or maybe to Logan himself for coming up with that line.

Logan Paul Suicide Video

What is really interesting about this interview -- more interesting than anything else, in our opinion -- is the insight it yields.

"I had never had a crisis before, ever," Logan claims. "Everything had been a smooth-sailing ride to the top."

"I was so used to people liking me. But being hated? I hate it," he complains. "I hate being hated!"

This is rare insight into the celebrity bubble.

People have hated him, openly and with a very justified passion, for years. It took this scandal for him to find out about it.

Obviously, if we're being honest, we know that Logan Paul is as popular as he is because he's conventionally good-looking.

Logan Paul Selfie

Logan mostly stays on-message during his attempt to earn an undeserved comeback.

But when he's asked about people suggesting that he, like many other awful celebrities, should be canceled ... the real Logan jumps out.

"Good luck trying to cancel me," Logan taunts his critics.

"It's so easy for anyone to be like, 'Logan Paul just ended his career. He's done,'" Logan says. "But the only person who will ever decide whether that's true is me."

"Like, if I sleep for the rest of my life, maybe," he says. "But, like, dog: I love this s--t. This creating? It's my passion."

You heard it, folks. The guy who refers to people as "dog" unironically in 2018 is going to keep making his "art."

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