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It took a month into Lauren Swanson’s marriage to Josiah Duggar for the world to ask the only real question that matters when it comes to a new member of this latter family.

Is she pregnant yet?

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson Together
Photo via Instagram

Fans started pondering this possibility in early August, just weeks after Lauren and Josiah exchanged vows — but they had no real basis for the speculation.

They just figured: Hey, these two are now married and have therefore had sex! A baby must be on the way!

In fairness to those churning this particular rumor mill, this is often how the Duggars roll.

They get married. They quickly procreate. They share cute photos of their newborn. And then they have a bunch more.

Swanson and Duggar are sort of got married out of nowhere in late June, shocking fans by confirming they had tied the knot in Arkansas and leading many to presume they did so because… yup, you guessed it…

… because Swanson was already pregnant.

Josiah Duggar and Wife
Photo via Instagram

At this point, however, Swanson would be showing if that were the case — and she’s not, so it was a false claim at the time.

Could it be true now, though?!?

Might Swanson and Duggar be expecting their first child?

A handful of social media users are convinced this is the case, although their reason for presuming so isn’t exactly based on very hard evidence.

You see, Swanson has made her Pinterest Board private and… well… that’s it.

She has made her Pinterest Board private and some folks are taking a pretty huge leap in thinking she made this move because she’s putting together some baby-related lists and doesn’t want the world to know just yet.

Swanson Pin

“Maybe she has a bunch of baby boards now? Not sure why she’d hide all her boards, though,” one user wrote in response to seeing the above message.

And another agreed:

“Maybe she’s pregnant and made it private! Idk if you can do that though…"

There was also this similar opinion;

"Oohh. Hhmm wonder if she’s pinning baby stuff. You know girl is probably pregnant. She’s 19 and probably fertile AF.”

And then another person simply wrote: “Preggo!”

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Photo via Instagram

This alleged proof of Swanson’s pregnancy is flimsy at best, but, hey, it’s possible.

If she isn’t expecting now, she probably will be in the near future.

All we know for certain at the moment is that she and Josiah are very happy to be husband and wife.

"What a joy it is to be husband and wife!” Josiah and Lauren told People Magazine this summer, adding shortly after their wedding ceremony:

"We are so thankful the Lord has brought us to this place and we can’t wait to begin our journey as husband and wife!"

Yeah, yeah, that’s great and all. We’re very happy for you guys.

Can you just go make a baby now please?