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Now that Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown has checked out of rehab, things should be smooth sailing for the Brown family.

Sadly, they have now suffered a tragic loss.

No one should have to lose their mother at any age, but that is just what has happened to Ami Brown.

Ami Brown, Sad
Photo via TLC

RadarOnline reports that Ami Brown’s estranged mother, Earlene Branson, has died.

"Ami’s mother has died," their insider reports.

According to the source, "Ami is rather upset about this."

She’s upset despite — or perhaps because of — their estrangement.

The insider explains that Ami is saddened "because she never got the opportunity to reconcile with her mom."

Earlene, the source says, is a woman "who tried for years and years to see her daughter."

Earlene Branson

Earlene Branson, pictured here, passed away at the age of 85.

Ami never got the reunion and potential healing with her mother that she wanted.

"There is nothing that she can do," the insider laments.

"It’s too late," the source says of Ami’s feelings. "She’s gone."

Earlene and Les Branson — Les being Ami’s brother — apparently tried to visit Ami in Alaska not too long ago.

Ami was, at the time, out of state.

Ami Brown in Season 8
Photo via Discovery Channel

Despite the estrangement and some unresolved resentments, Earlene’s obituary does mention her daughter.

"Her daughter Ami Brown is a star of the hit television show Alaskan Bush People," the obituary reads. "Which airs on the Discovery Channel."

As recently as last year, RadarOnline spoke to Earlene and Les about their continued separation from Ami.

Apparently, they very nearly had a little family reunion.

"She said, ‘We’re going to come see you on Billy’s book signing tour, we’ll come down and see you,’" claimed Les.

"We were very excited," Les admitted. "Thinking we were going to get to see her."

Sadly, it never happened.

Billy Brown on Season 8
Photo via Discovery

"I found out later that they drove right by," Les lamented. "And Billy wouldn’t let her stop and see any of us"

"We were absolutely heartbroken," he shared.

At the time, Les added: "We’re still waiting to see Ami."

But they’ve been unable to do so for some time.

"And we know," Les accused. "It’s all because of Billy!"

Billy Brown in Season 8
Photo via Discovery Channel

We of course cannot confirm that Billy either did or did not prevent Ami from visiting her mother and brother.

It’s not that big of a surprise that they would regard Billy as the villain.

They’ve harbored a grudge ever since 15-year-old Ami ran off with 26-year-old Billy.

(That’s right; their 11-year age difference might not mean much now, but it sure did when Ami was young)

Estrangements are complicated things, and it is only natural to look for one single villain when there are probably many factors.

Family reunions can just be awkward, folks.

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo
Photo via Discovery Channel

We are so sorry for Ami’s loss, and for Les’ loss, and for all of Earlene’s loved ones.

But there is a silver lining to this grim news.

Earlene had many, many grandchildren — and now even has some great-grandchildren.

Ami and Billy’s children have five first-cousins on Ami’s side whom they could meet. And those are just Earlene’s grandchildren.

Earlene was also a great-grandmother and a great-great-grandmother to, added together, 13 others.

There’s a whole family waiting for the Browns to claim and meet if they want to.