Lauren Comeau to Javi Marroquin: Stay Away from Kailyn!

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Lauren Comeau is having a bit of trouble enjoying the birth of her first child these days.

Not because baby Eli isn't precious and adorable and she is so happy he has finally arrived.

But because Comeau has to constantly answer questions about her boyfriend's past lovers in the wake of this miracle!

Lauren Comeau and Family

As loyal readers know by now, Comeau and Javi Marroquin are the very excited parents of a baby that was born on November 15.

The infant arrived two weeks early and Lauren had to be induced due to a few complications, but everyone is now happy and healthy and getting to know each other at home.

Unfortunately, Comeau hasn't been able to just shut everything off and focus on young Eli.

No, she's had to worry about Briana DeJesus basically calling Javi a cheater and everyone out there wondering how Kailyn Lowry feels about her ex-husband becoming a father again.

For the record, Lowry Tweeted "congrats" to the couple and seems to have moved on, but we may never see a day when the Teen Mom 2 star isn't mentioned in the same breath as Marroquin.

Javi Marroquin Baby

Comeau seems to be aware of this.

She knows what she signed up for when she got back together with Javi in March.

Asked by Radar Online what sort of relationship she envisions between herself, her boyfriend and his famous former wife, Lauren answered truthfully:

She's sort of torn and she doesn't have a clear idea.

"A direct relationship with her, I don't know if that's necessary," Comeau tells Radar. "But to be able to be all together for the kids' sake, hopefully we'll get there."

Javi and Comeau

Javi and Kailyn share custody of five-year old Lincoln, who is now the half-brother to Eli.

Lowry also has two other kids by two other men, complicating the picture a bit.

For all she and Javi have been through, however, they've managed to keep their priorities straight; each cares a great deal for Lincoln and each seems to be a dedicated parent.

"We haven't disagreed on much. We're working, communicating and making sure things get done," Javi told Radar about co-parenting with Kailyn.

Javi added that Lowry texted him the day Eli was born and asked him to pass along well wishes to Comeau.

Javi and Sons

Marroquin and Lowry have each accused the other of infidelity since their divorce in 2016.

They've had many ups and just as many downs, but they've always maintained a rather close connection.

TOO close of a connection, some might say.

This might be why Lauren isn't anxious to Kailyn to play an especially huge role in her and Marroquin's life moving forward, but we're pretty sure she has nothing to worry about.

With three kids of her own under the age of nine, Lowry's schedule isn't exactly free at the moment.

And won't be any time soon, either.

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