Kenya Moore Shares Precious Photo of Preemie "Miracle Baby"

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Kenya Moore welcomed her first child on November 4.

In honor of Thanksgiving, she shared a precious pic of her cradling her baby girl.

This is the best snap of her preemie baby we've seen so far. Take a look:

Kenya Moore Cradles Baby Brooklyn Daly

Kenya posted this beautiful photo in which she is cradling her preemie baby, Brooklyn Daly.

"Thank God for my miracle baby," Kenya writes in the caption.

Kenya also expresses gratitude for "my husband and my life."

Her emergency C-section was prompted by preeclampsia, which caused her to gain 17 pounds in a single week.

Her thanks for her health are no joke.

"When you have faith in Him," Kenya's caption continues. "All things are possible,”

Kenya Moore Hand with Baby Hand

Kenya is 47 years old, which is older than most people are when they have any children -- let alone their firstborn.

She has a lot for which she feels very, very thankful.

“Happy Thanksgiving from the Dalys," Kenya concludes in her captions..

Kenya follows those words with a wealth of tags: "#love #family #brooklyndaly #baby #preemie #faith #God #Thankful."

We all have things in our lives that we appreciate, but Kenya is feeling especially grateful for a lot these days.

Kenya Moore and Husband

Kenya also posted a shout-out to her husband, Marc Daly. 

"It all started with you..." she wrote on Instagram.

"If I had not met my king," Kenya said. "I would not have become a mother to the most beautiful baby I have ever seen."

"I am so thankful for you," Kenya affirmed.

Kenya concluded: You two are my whole world. I love you Mr. Daly."

She signed her post: "Mrs. Daly"

Kenya Moore Target Run Motorized Scooter gif

Kenya is still recovering.

Even an uneventful (relatively speaking) childbirth means weeks and even months of recovery.

An emergency C-section following a preeclampsia diagnosis exacts an even more intense toll.

Still, just days after giving birth, Kenya went on a shopping run to Target.

(We suspect -- we hope -- that it was some sort of paid endorsement, but some moms are that determined to be hands-on)

She shared that it would be weeks before she can walk again, which is why she used a motorized scooter.

Fortunately, a brand that makes baby clothes sent her a promotional set of clothing designed specifically for preemies.

Hopefully that will curtail her need to risk her recovery by shopping.

Kenya Moore Gives Birth

The photo up top remains the best look at Brooklyn Daly that any of us have received.

Perhaps Kenya is waiting until Brooklyn has more in the way of facial features before she shares pics. A lot of celebrity parents do that.

It is also possible that she is just waiting until her baby is older and can decide for herself whether to plaster her face all over social media.

More and more parents are realizing that their children might not appreciate such a high degree of exposure from such a young age.

Of course, it may be that Kenya's famously camera-shy husband, Marc, is part of the equation.

For ages, Marc refused to film on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, putting Kenya's job at risk.

Perhaps he wants to limit Brooklyn's camera time, too.

We just don't know, but we're happy that both mother and baby are alive and recovering.

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