Larissa Dos Santos Lima: I Only Did 90 Day Fiance For Money! (Now Gimme Some More!)

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Just one week after Larissa was arrested for domestic battery, she and her husband, Colt, are assuring fans that everything's fine.

The 90 Day Fiance couple are posting their love on social media, where Colt is gushing about his wife.

In the mean time, Larissa is admitting that she did the show for the money, and asking for tips about getting lip fillers.

Colt and Larissa in the Cold

Remember when Larissa first arrived in Vegas and complained about the desert heat?

Well, now that daily highs in Vegas are in the 60s, she's complaining about the "freezing" weather.

But she and Colt also used Instagram to do a bit of a Q&A with followers.

A fan who was very sure to emphasize that they weren't being a hater asked Colt what he likes the most about Larissa, personality-wise.

"I simply love her more than anything," Colt replied.

Colt was also asked what it takes to make a relationship work.

"When I learn the secret," Cole answered. "I’ll tell you."

Colt answers questions IG story

Larissa also spoke to her followers.

When a fan asked if she was now free to speak openly of her marriage to him, she answered.

"After what happened Colt never told me, ‘Don’t post. Delete. Don’t talk about me.’ It’s OK now,” Larissa replied.

Before their huge fight the week before, Larissa had been feeling hurt that Colt wanted her to not post about their romance.

(They are on 90 Day Fiance and Colt wanted to avoid spoilers, but apparently Larissa didn't care about that) 

After a sequence of unpleasantness, this led to police breaking down the door to their home, handcuffing Colt, and arresting Larissa.

To hear her tell it, though, it may have been worth it so that she can post selfies with him.

“Some bad things come to be good things," Larissa says.

Larissa looks for cosmetic recommendations IG story

Larissa also revealed that she was less than enamored with her experience with reality television.

In Brazil, she says, she would have already gotten plastic surgery, including a boob job, if she were a reality star.

Notably, she is asking fans for tips on where to get lip fillers and botox in Vegas.

Larissa says that she would also have landed a new car by now on a Brazilian reality series.

But does she regret going on the show?

"I regret 50 percent and I don’t regret 50 percent,” Larissa answers. 

“There are good people and bad people," Larissa states. "And good experiences and bad experiences."

Colt and Larissa Meet in Mexico

She also went into detail about why she elected to appear on 90 Day Fiance to begin with.

"First it was for the money," Larissa freely admits.

As she has discovered, the show doesn't pay like the Real Housewives franchise does, but the extra cash is nice.

"Then after all the s--t," Larissa continues. "Now it’s for career, for my business."

And if she had a do-over, what would she do then?

Larissa says: "I would try to live my relationship off the camera."

Colt and Larissa, Aquarium Visit

So, she's complained about not getting instantly flush with cash by being on the show.

A fan asked if she would characterize herself as a gold-digger.

Larissa denies it, claiming that she is instead a "Cat-digger."

Colt and his mother have always had cats, and Colt's best Instagram photos are of cats. 

(The true purpose of social media is to share cat pics; sorry, I don't make the rules)

Larissa shares that her dream is to get a Maine Coon cat that costs $3,000.

Larissa and a Police Car

That thing about cats and all of that gushing is almost sweet enough to make you forget about Larissa's arrest.

She was taken to jail for domestic battery, though Colt has not shared many details and insists that he is not pressing charges.

Domestic battery is always a serious matter, folks. No matter how much someone loves cats.

And then there's how Larissa made Colt's mother cry after their first meeting and the fact that she's a deadbeat mom with three kids in three homes.

Larissa is shaping up to join the ranks of 90 Day Fiance's most infamous stars.

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