Larissa Dos Santos Lima, 90 Day Fiance Star, Arrested for Domestic Battery

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Larissa Dos Santos Lima, who plays a major role on this season of 90 Day Fiance, was arrested for domestic battery in Las Vegas on Saturday, November 10.

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Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Larissa stars opposite Colt Johnson on the controversial TLC series.

According to Clark County inmate records, she was originally being held on $3,000 bail following her arrest, although her court records have been updated to reflect a $2,000 reduction.

We can also confirm that she's scheduled to have a 72-hour hearing on Tuesday morning.

While details are still coming in, Larissa changed her Instagram handle to @helpmeimwithoutphone shortly before the incident went down...

... and also shared a number of disturbing messages on Saturday.

this is larissa

“HELP ME …HE TURNED OFF HIDE MY PHONE HELP ME HE WANTS TO CALL THE POLICE HELP ME," she wrote at one point, including her own phone number on her online biography.

In a series of since-deleted Instagram Story messages, meanwhile, Colt allegedly told his followers:

"Larissa was arrested this afternoon. She suffers from high anxiety and several depression. She over reacted to problems that do not exist."

Very weird and sort of scary, right?

Colt went on to explain that he “proceeded to deactivate her phone to try to defuse the situation," but that their disagreement “escalated and matters became worse" and added:

“She felt this action was a threat towards her and tried to reach out for help.

"Not long after her cry was posted, the police came and knocked down the front door. They drew their guns at me and handcuffed me.”

on 90 day

Larissa hails from Brazil and met Colt via social media.

The two met up in Mexico and Colt later proposed after just a few days together.

According to court records obtained by E! News, this is Larissa's second arrest for domestic violence, although charges from earlier this year were dropped.

Revealing that he and Larissa are married, Colt continued over the weekend:

“The police interviewed us but not long after they decided to arrest Larissa. No one was hurt and I did not press charges against my wife.

"However it is policy in the state of Nevada that since we are in a domestic partnership, someone had to be arrested.”

insta handle

We'll have plenty more on this story as more news breaks.

For now, it may simply raise questions about a show based on two people who have just met and decided to get married, mostly so one of them can remain in the United States.

"The couples must marry before the visas expire in 90 days, or else the visitors have to immediately return to their countries," reads the official TLC description.

Is this really something around which we ought to build an entire program?

Does it not increase the possibility that something such as this arrest can take place, as one person's future is based on making a marriage work with, basically, a complete stranger?

Just sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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