Kenya Moore Flaunts Post-Baby Body Just 3 Weeks After C-Section!

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For Thanksgiving, Kenya Moore shared a pic of her precious preemie baby.

Kenya went through a lot to bring baby Brooklyn into the world -- and was confined to bedrest for a while.

Now, she's back on her feet and flaunting her post-baby body just three weeks after her C-section.

Kenya Moore, Post-Baby Body

Kenya Moore is looking great -- especially considering that she was very recently pregnant, suffering preeclampsia, and also cut open and sewn back up.

"The SnapBack is real!" Kenya announces beside this photo.

She is speaking of her recovery from all that she endured, not about the backs of baseball hats.

She does lament that "I still can't work out yet."

"But," Kenya says. "I feel much better."

That is what really matters, after all.

"I was cut twice during my 3 hr Csection," Kenya shares. "But I made it!"


Kenya Moore Gives Birth

Kenya explains why not being able to work out yet is getting to her.

"I've always been healthy and worked out my entire life..." Kenya shares.

That said, she says that is is accepting of "whatever my body will do."

I'm not rushing it," Kenya affirms.

"It feels good to start to feel myself again," Kenya says.

She concludes by affirming: "Brooklyn Daly is worth every battlescar!"

Kenya Moore, Three Weeks After Giving Birth

Kenya also shared a series of tags.

"#3weekspostpartum," she writes, marking that it's been a very short time since her C-section.

She also highlights her age: "#47yearoldsnapback"

Recovery from surgery and childbirth alike tends to be slower with increased age, but Kenya is showing that age is just a number.

"#Csection," Kenya adds, reminding fans and followers that she's hiding some very serious scars.

She also makes it clear that she's living the new mom experience, writing: "#teamnosleep"

Kenya Moore Hand with Baby Hand

C-sections aren't just an alternative to vaginal birth, folks.

It involves cutting through skin and also one's abdominal muscles, and then slicing open the uterus.

Most surgeries allow for small incisions to allow for specially designed surgical tools.

In contrast, C-sections have to create a wound large enough through which to safely remove a human baby.

It takes more than a few stitches to recover from that (though yes, there are plenty of stitches)

In fact, post-baby weight loss is the last concern when it comes to a mother who brought her child into the world via C-section.

New moms can lose a tremendous amount of blood during C-sections.

Bedrest is needed to heal but also to hydrate.

Kenya Moore Cradles Baby Brooklyn Daly

Kenya still has a ways to go.

As she admits, she'll need to do some more healing before she can exercise.

You cannot "walk off" a C-section or power through it.

Before modern medicine, it was a procedure of last resort because it was almost always fatal to the mother.

Still, she didn't let that stop her from taking a motorized scooter through Target just days after coming home from the hospital.

We hope that it was a paid promotion, because ... someone else would happily go buy preemie clothes for a newborn.

Kenya Moore Under a Weighted Blanket

Speaking of paid endorsements, Kenya is back to hawking products on Instagram.

This time, it's a weighted blanket -- which, unlike bogus weight loss products that so many celebs push, people swear by.

It's supposed to help with anxiety.

Still, we suspect that Kenya is fine with regular blankets -- when she gets to use them.

New parents do not get much sleep, folks.

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