Josh & Anna Duggar: Expecting Sixth Child ... AND Adopting Seventh?!

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Talk about aggressive expansion!

Josh and Anna Duggar might be preparing to welcome two kids at once -- and we're not talking about twins!

Josh and Anna at Joseph Duggar's Wedding

Yes, some Counting On fans are convinced that Anna is pregnant with her sixth child.

And others believe that Josh and Anna are adopting a kid from Indonesia.

And then there's a third group who's convinced that both rumors are true.

Duggars at the Airport

The theory is that Josh and Anna are trying to get back into his parents' good graces after falling very far from them.

Giving his old man a run for his money in the offspring department would certainly please Jim Bob to some degree.

The jury's still out on whether or not Anna is expecting, but the Indonesian adoption story is almost certainly BS.

As far as we can tell, it's based on nothing more than the above photo, which is far from conclusive.

Josh and Anna Duggar and Daughter

A slew of Duggars is seen serving as an airport welcoming committee. Anna posted the pic and captioned it:

“Late night airport run to welcome home our Indonesian sister!”

Okay, to be fair, we can see how that might be a confusing caption that spawned some speculation.

But in the comments, many fans seemed CONVINCED that Josh and Anna had decided to adopt an Indonesian child.

Josh, Anna Duggar and Family

"Was she adopted by your family?” one follower asked point blank.

Others echoed that query, but apparently they failed to notice that Anna tagged Jenni Hartono in the post.

Jenni is a grown woman and a longtime family friend of the Duggars - that part isn't speculation, it's established.

In fact, at one point, fans may recall the rumors that her brother Jonathan Hartono was courting Jana Duggar.

Josh and Anna Duggar Image

So yeah, we strongly doubt that Josh and Anna, who are barely 30 themselves, adopted their grown-up friend.

Besides, Josh is a known child molester ... not to be crude, but what adoption agency would give him a kid?

Another theory that makes a bit more sense is that Jenni is in town to court one of the Duggar boys.

We suppose it's possible.

Josh and Anna Duggar

“A potential match for someone? … Jed or Jer maybe,” wrote one commenter regarding the topic.

Hey, Tontitown, Arkansas, is mighty small, and the Duggars still have a lot of boys to marry off.

But the most likely explanation is that Jenni is simply a family friend who's in town for a visit.

We know ... disappointingly un-scandalous. But don't worry.

He's Josh. There should be some more legitimate scandals coming out of the woodwork soon enough.

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