Grey's Anatomy Recap: Blowin' in the Wind

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Grey Sloan Memorial was rocked by strong winds on Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, and it left several lives in the air. 

The milestone episode kicked off with Meredith helping her makeshift father, Richard, as he got out of jail for the number he did on the bar. 

Levi in the Wind - Grey's Anatomy

Meredith knew about Catherine's cancer diagnosis, and she knew she had to instill in Richard that he needed to get his $hit together because his life was about to change. 

“Get your head in a place where you can take care of the people who depend on you,” she complained as a branch smashed her windscreen. 

And that Richard did. He made his way to the interim chief's office, but Alex was nowhere to be found. In his place was Bailey complaining about the mess and how late her successor is for work. 

Bailey was understanding of what was going on for Richard, but she admitted she had to bench him for the day and had to tell the board about what was going. 

As for Alex, he and Jo slept in and quickly realized there was no way either of them could make the journey to work because of the storm. 

Alex Lays Down the Law

"We can’t help if we’re dead,” Jo complained as she started to check what supplies they had in the flat, realizing they hadn't bought groceries in a long ass time. 

But the couple's plan to relive their honeymoon was derailed when Jo noticed Alex had not filed their marriage license, so they technically were not married. 

Then, the power went out, so their time together will have to be spent trying to assess the state of their careers. 

Things took a turn at the hospital when trauma had an influx of patients thanks to the storm. One girl had a selfie stick embedded in her head; one had a Christmas cane penetrating them. It was a mess. 

The woman with the selfie stick was freaking the eff out, and Helm and Amelia treated her. When they removed it, the woman died because it was leaning on her brain. 

But she was an organ donor, so the doctors rushed to use the organs on some other patients. Cece was one of those, and the doctors got her ready for surgery. 

Meredith Celebrates the Dead

However, DeLuca reiterated to Cece that there were big complications. 

“If you don’t squeeze all the light and love and joy you can out of this one life you’ve been given, I’m gonna haunt you from my grave," Cece said to Meredith. 

DeLuca later cornered Meredith afterward and gave us all the feels. 

“While I’m feeling brave,” he DeLuca said. “I’m not sorry I kissed you at the wedding ’cause it’s all I’ve been able to think about ever since.”

“I’m having such a week, I don’t trust my thinking, so I’m gonna walk out of here. But I’m gonna think about what you said when I’m able to think,” Meredith said, clearly confused about all of it. 

Meanwhile, Richard finally attempted to tell Catherine the truth about what happened, but he was blindsided when Koracick answered her phone. 

Is Webber Drinking?

He immediately assumed they were having sex and stormed around the hospital.

Meredith also dished the goodies about Catherine to Maggie, and Maggie almost told Jackson all about it while they were getting closer to each other. Looks like their argument is all over, and they're getting back together. 

Elsewhere, Levi and Nico started to get closer again after another big argument, and Levi saved his potential love interest's life, and they wound up getting hot and heavy in an ambulance. 

But a power line fell down right next to the ambulance, plunging the hospital into darkness. 


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