Anna Duggar: Did She Get Pregnant to Save Josh's Career?!

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In recent weeks, we've been reporting on Josh Duggar's comeback tour.

While the Duggars have not made their intentions explicit, it seems clear that they're working toward rebuilding their disgraced son's reputation in the hope that fans will be able to overlook Josh's sex crimes.

That seems unlikely, but it's not stopping Jim Bob and Michelle from pulling out all the stops.

Of course, if the Duggars have learned anything over the years it's that nothing distracts their fans from scandal quite like a new baby.

And that's just one reason that Duggar watchers believe Anna is currently expecting her sixth child.

Take a look:

1. Anna's Clan

Anna's Clan
Josh and Anna have been keeping a low profile ever since it was revealed in 2015 that he had molested five young girls while still in his teens.

2. Hiding Out

Hiding Out
While Anna has continued to make occasional appearances on Counting On, Josh has mostly kept his distance from his family's media empire.

3. Creeping Back

Creeping Back
In recent weeks, however, Josh has made numerous appearances on the official social media counts run by his parents.

4. Starting Slow

Starting Slow
The Duggars are no slouches when it comes to public relations, and they wisely decided to re-introduce Josh gradually.

5. Safety In Numbers

Safety In Numbers
They started with photos of Josh in crowd scenes at family events such as birthday parties.

6. Back At It

Back At It
Recently, Josh and Anna began making public appearances together for the first time since his sex scandals.

7. Moving On Up

Moving On Up
Last month, the couple attended the wedding of family friend and fellow reality star Josie Bates.

8. The Big Leagues

The Big Leagues
Last week, they made an appearance at the wedding of Josh's younger brother John David.

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