Jinger Duggar Gushes (And We Mean GUSHES) Over Jeremy Vuolo

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This Just In:

Jinger Duggar really, really loves Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger and Family

This may be fairly obvious, considering the fact that Jinger is happily married to Jeremy and the two are constantly posing with their precious daughter, Felicity.

But Jinger still took a few moments on Instagram yesterday to acknowledge her two-year wedding anniversary, writing a very sweet message that we felt a need to highlight here.

It reads as follows:

It is hard to believe it has been 2 years already. Where has the time gone?! It has been the most incredible two years of my life! I am so thankful for you.

@jeremy_vuolo . You are the most amazing man I have ever known. Thank you for always being there for me in the best of days and in the toughest days.

Thank you for always pointing me to Christ and being faithful to share Christ with others. Seeing you so gently caring for Felicity melts my heart.

You are the best husband, father & friend a girl could ever ask for!! I love you with all of my heart, baby!

Felicity's Parents

Jinger and Jeremy got married in November of 2016.

Ever since they became husband and wife, Duggar and Vuolo have faced their fair share of scandals.

But that word should really be in quotation marks.

For example, Jinger actually garnered backlash for putting her child in a head scarf for an adorable photo just a few weeks ago.

Prior to that so-called incident, Duggar was slammed for putting mittens on her baby girl.

Trust us, we really wish we were making these controversies up.

Jinger, Jeremy, Felicity

Thankfully, Jinger and Jeremy have mostly remained above it all.

They've simply continued to spend time with each other and with Felicity, letting the haters hate and basically feeling sorry for such trolls.

For his part, meanwhile, Jeremy also celebrated this week's special occasion by penning the following note on his own Instagram page:

Happy Anniversary, my dear. Life with you has been greater than I could have ever imagined. You grow more beautiful every day—inside and out. I love you.

Pretty darn sweet, right?

With Jer

For all the negative things people understandably say about the Duggars and how they live their lives, one would be seriously challenged to come up with any true criticism of Jinger and Jeremy.

This is why desperate social media users end up resorting to commentary about mostly harmless photos such as THIS ONE.

We'll follow the couple's lead, however, and ignore the undeserved hate.

Instead, we'll simply take a moment ourselves to echo the sentiments here of both Jinger and Jeremy by saing:


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