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We nearly saw Vinny Guadagnino’s penis on the latest episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

But while this veteran castmate thankfully kept his junk in his pants, Vinny let it all come out when discussing his feelings toward former fling Angelina Pivarnick.

Seriously, the guy just WENT OFF on her. Scroll down to find out why…

Angelina Pivarnick in a Cap

It’s been clear for a few weeks now that Angelina still has a thing for Vinny, following their hook up eight years ago.

(Yes, eight years ago! These people have been in our lives for a very long time.)

On Thursday night, however, Vinny made it clear that Angelina lust for him was not reciprocated after the group went out for dinner and Angelina would not leave him alone.

At one point, after taunting Vinny and alleging that he’s the one obsessed with her, Angelina grabbed Vinny’s crotch.

And he was so NOT down with it.

Look at My Undies!
Photo via MTV

"I hate that girl. I’m done with that girl, seriously. She went too far. I’m done being nice to her," he screamed in response, adding:

"She’s f-cking psycho."

Snooki and JWOWW were encouraging Angelina (who’s engaged, by the way) to simply "hate f-ck" Vinny, but even they backed off once they saw the state Guadagnino was actually in.

The final straw was when Angelina said Vinny was attracted to her because, in her mind, she reminded Vinny of his mother.

Grabbed My Crotch

"You’re obsessed with me," Angelina told Vinny over dinner, turning the knife in deeper by continuing:

"You literally love me. Just admit it to everybody here that you’re obsessed with me. You should just confess your love in front of everybody."

Vinny called her "delusional" and told her to "shut up" multiple times; nevertheless, Angelina persisted. And then she crossed a line.

"You want a woman like your mom. That’s what you want," she said. "That’s why you love me so much, because I remind you of your mother."


Pissed Vinny

"How dare you? How dare you?" Vinny later vented to the camera.

"I don’t care if Angelina compared herself to Kim Kardashian. I don’t care if you compare yourself to f-cking Beyonce. Do not ever compare yourself to my mother."

He also made it as clear as could be to Angelina herself, telling his past lover:

"All I begged you to do is stop talking to me. You f-cking bring up my name every second."

Still, Angelina kept interrupting.

"You’re obsessed with me. You love me. You literally love me. You wanna marry me. You literally wanna marry me," she said.

Vinny eventually snapped, yelling "COME AT ME, BRO!" — until The Situation calmed everyone down by asking about dessert.

Praying  With Mike

Speaking of The Situation:

He invited JWOWW to attend his speech at his former rehab facility.

She was still sort of drunk from the night before, but she downed some Gatorade, tossed on some sweat pants and agreed to support her friend.

On his way there, Mike told Jenni a story about his struggle with drinking and how his now-wife stood by his side throughout the worst of times.

"There was one time where I was attempting to get sober," Mike explained.

"I had a doctor and a nurse at my house. They were detoxing me, and after I think four or five days, I had the ‘f-ck its,’ they call it, where you’re like, ‘F-ck it, I don’t want this anymore. I wanna go party. I wanna feel better.’

"So I jumped in my car, and Lauren jumped in her vehicle. I was trying to get away from her, so there was a bit of speeding going on, a little bit of a car chase.

"Eventually, a cop pulled up beside me, and I actually said to the cop that there’s a crazy fan following me."


Continued The Situation:

He didn’t entertain it. He was just like, ‘Mike, you’re crazy.’

"But I actually said that [about] my girlfriend, who’s behind me trying to help me. That’s a good story for people to hear that because that was my crazy times. I could not escape her. She was determined.

"I turned around and went home and went through the detox process."

And now Mike and Lauren are married.

We don’t often say this when it comes to Jersey Shore, but: How sweet, right?!?