Grey's Anatomy Recap: Who's Dying?

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Ghosts from the past roamed the halls of Seattle Grace Memorial on Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy as Día de Muertos weighed heavily on the minds of our favorite characters. 

It was all thanks to a girl named Flo who was in the hospital for surgery, so her family decided to celebrate their tradition, and it resulted in a lot of blasts from the past. 

Meredith Celebrates the Dead

Before that, Richard pulled Meredith aside to let her know that one of his friends told him her father was dying of cancer and was in a hospice. 


This threw Meredith for a loop as she tried to conclude whether her deadbeat father deserved to be graced with her presence one last time. 

As such, she turned to Maggie because they're as close as ever, but Meredith quickly realized the journey ahead was one she had to travel on her own. 

Cece set her up on another date, and she wasted no time in talking about her issues with her father, and it rendered the whole romance a dud. 

Meredith Dressed Up For Her Date

Both Link and DeLuca were in a battle for Meredith's heart, so they were especially pissed to learn that she was still dating. 

After embracing Día de Muertos, Meredith exited the hospital, but there were ghosts from the past walking the halls. 

There was Derek, Lexie, George and even Meredith's mother, Ellis. Meredith somehow found herself getting closer to Link after visiting Alex instead of her father.

Elsewhere, Miranda and Jo worked together with a woman who was planning her funeral because she was under the impression she was not getting the liver she needed in time. 

15 Seasons of Feels

A patient died, and Miranda decided to try and salvage the liver from his body because he was a match with the woman who needed the liver. 

Despite the liver functioning, Alex shut the whole thing down, claiming that he couldn't allow it to go ahead in case there were issues down the line that put the hospital under scrutiny. 

But Bailey and Jo went ahead with the surgery thinking they were saving a life, and that they did. The surgery went well, and the woman survived with a new lease on life. 

Jo thought Alex was going to flip out, but he loved that she was right and they got hot and heavy in his office.

Camilla Luddington for ABC

Elsewhere, Betty went missing, and it threw a wrench in Teddy's plan to tell Owen all about her carrying his child. 

Yes, this storyline is going to be dragged on until the midseason finale, you guys!

Amelia, Teddy, and Owen worked together to find the teenager, but their mission was unsuccessful. They ultimately gave up when Amelia had to go to a meeting because she thought she was being triggered. 

The mystery of Betty's whereabouts will continue on next Thursday's installment. 

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