Jeremy Roloff Gets Daddy-Shamed for the Dumbest Reason Ever

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Move over, mommy-shaming and fat-shaming.

It's time to make room for very awful daddy-shaming.

Isn't that right, Jeremy Roloff

Hugging Ember

The former Little People, Big World star was on the receiving end of some ridiculous backlash this week after he shared what appears to be a simple and harmless photo of himself and his one-year old daughter, Ember.

The picture was snapped in Nashville and captioned as follows:

Spent a few days in Nashville and now we’re in Franklin, TN. Such a lovely town.

Although it reminds me of Bend - almost too popular to enjoy now! But still, a beautiful town and we always enjoy our time down here.

The people are great and the hospitality is noticed! P.S. If we took a photo with you at some point - tag us so we can see it!

The image itself, meanwhile, simply features Jeremy tossing his infant up in the air:


WHEEEE, right?

Apparently not.

More like, WTH, according to some misguided and cruel trolls.

“Idiot. She’s not a circus act,” one person actually wrote in the comments, while another chimed in with;

Wow. Be careful throwing your kid like that.”

A third person warned the ex-TLC personality about shaken baby syndrome, while a fourth suggested that this move is harmful to “little brains.”

We have no idea what to even say here.

With Her Pops

Nearly every parent alive has thrown his or her into the air in this sort of manner.

The kid is never more than, like a foot above the parent's hands outstretched hands and always falls very easily and comfortably back into place.

(We can't believe we actually need to spell this out for some people.)

Thankfully, a number of social media users leaped to Jeremy's defense and called out his critics for being, well... complete morons.

“Accidents can happen doing anything," explained one individual "Can’t stop living life because ur scared to actually have fun. Most babies like being tossed in the air, so take a seat.”

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff on Labor Day

For the record, Ember is doing just fine.

Jeremy shared plenty of other photos from this same trip, as he and his daughter and wife enjoyed their time visiting Tennessee.

Speaking of that wife, Audrey Roloff can relate to what her husband is now going through.

She's heard it from followers in the past for the kind of outfits in which she placed Ember and even for the kind of outfit she once wore to the doctor's office.

We're not kidding. This actually happened.

Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff in Michigan

Overall, Jeremy and Audrey frequently post pictures of themselves and their child.

They gush over her every chance they get.

They come across as caring and as loving as two parents can possibly be.

Jeremy has not yet responded to this dumb criticism and we hope he never does.

Just enjoy every second you have with that 13-month old bundle of joy, man. She's precious.

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