Ariana Grande to Pete Davidson: GTF Outta My Apartment!!

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Over the weekend, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson split, mostly because of catastrophically bad timing.

While the two of them are consciously uncoupling, Ariana has reportedly taken a drastic step to show Pete that it's over.

She apparently changed the locks on their love nest.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Funny Faces

Radar Online reports that Ariana Grande, in light of her breakup, has taken what most would consider a pretty drastic step.

She has allegedly changed the locks of her luxurious, 4,000-square-foot apartment.

"Ariana has no plans to continue being friends with Pete," an insider reports.

Oh that is heartbreaking if true.

The source notes that it was an "amicable breakup" even though it was Ariana who decided to end it.

Ariana Grande is Pensive

The report explains that Ariana felt the need to create some distance between herself and the man to whom she was, just a week ago, engaged.

"If he had his way," the insider says of Pete. "He would still be with her."

Well, yeah. No one ever really doubted that, and no one really suspected that Pete woke up one day and decided that he wanted this dream to end.

Don't get us wrong -- Pete Davidson is famous and successful and hot.

But Ariana is more so. No shade, but she has him beat in every category except for height.

In Bed! Together!

As the report details, Ariana is grappling with a lot of stresses and, despite no ill will, wants some space.

"Ariana is going through a very rough time right now," the source notes.

Her very public engagement and breakup and the sudden death of Mac Miller last month are only the latest emotional blows.

The insider reveals that Ariana is dealing with it "and she has the absolute support of her family."

"And," the source adds, Ariana has plenty of emotional support from her "friends."

Which we guess does not include Pete at the moment.

Ariana Grande on The Gram

Right now, Ariana is focusing on handling her own issues before she worries about anything else.

"She has a lot of work to do on herself," the insider explains.

"And," the source reminds. "She is in the process of healing."

Last year's bombing and now Mac Miller's overdose -- those are two huge stressors.

"And," the insider notes, Ariana is "recovering from the breakup."

Ariana Grande on Pete Davidson

Ariana isn't just taking a break from Pete -- this week she announced that she is taking an indefinite social media hiatus.

"Today was very special," Ariana shared. Time to say bye bye again to the internet for just a lil bit."

Ariana explained: "It’s hard not to bump into news n stuff that I’m not trying to see right now."

Good for Ariana for taking time for herself and knowing when she needs to step away.

Too many people ignore their mental health until they reach a breaking point and have some kind of meltdown.

Sometimes, self-care means tuning out the world and looking after your own needs.

Ariana Grande Straddles The World

We should note that Ariana changing the locks on the luxurious love nest that she and Pete have been sharing might not be a huge deal.

Yes, they've definitely broken up.

But your average person only changes the locks when they move in to a new place, or when they break up with someone they absolutely cannot trust.

Sometimes, when they break up with someone they actively fear.

But that's because changing the locks is expensive.

If Ariana really changed the locks, it might not mean much of anything because price is no object.

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