American Horror Story Recap: Return to Murder House

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American Horror Story was all about giving fans what they wanted on Wednesday night.

By that, we mean there was a return trip to the Murder House from American Horror Story Season 1 as Madison and Behold continued their mission to find out everything they could about Michael Langdon. 

Madison and Behold

Posing as the most fabulous married couple of them all, they had to fool the realtor into proving they were seriously interested in buying the house. 

As such a wire transfer was made, taking the house off the market and allowing the two to enter the walls of the home that housed 36 ghosts. 

Behold, and Madison had to do a spell to allow them to see the ghosts because the souls were able to decide when they could be seen by mortals. 

We quickly learned that Constance Langdon, Michael's grandmother, was dead, and there was a huge hint that she took "the coward's way out," courtesy of Moira. 

“I’m Constance Langdon, and this is my f–ing house!” shrieked Constance, marking Jessica Lange's first episode with the series in four years. 

The mother of Tate went on to say that if they wanted the goods on Michael, they had to do something for her:

Get rid “that insufferable, cloudy-eyed ginger.”

Jessica Lange on American Horror Story: Apocalypse

And that they did. The dug up her bones and planted them in the same plot of land as her mother's corpse. It brought Moira's storyline full-circle and allowed her to pass on to what came next with someone who was actually happy to see her. 

As for Constance's end of the bargain, she spilled all the beans, and much of it was to be expected. She tried her best to keep Michael's murderous instincts at bay. 

In fact, she went as far as planting a rose bush above every single animal he skewered, but that got difficult when he graduated to the big leagues and started offing humans. 

He even had a decade-length growth spurt one night, allowing him to become stronger. But Constance realized he was going to wind up killing her, so she headed over to the Murder House with some pills and a bottle of whiskey. 

“That’s what I call a bon voyage!” Constance laughed as she told the two witches the chilling tale. Constance decided against revealing her spirit to her grandson because she was too damaged following everything. 

Cody Fern on American Horror Story

However, Ben Harmon was on hand try and make a connection with the child who didn't exactly have the best start in life. 

What followed were heartwarming scenes of Ben trying to make Michael be the best man he could be, but he drew the line for good when Michael opted to slice and dice two women who moved into the house. 

As if that was not bad enough, he sent their souls away from the world, thus ousting their lives in both places. 

That's when Viven showed up to continue the trip down memory lane revealing that there was always something amiss with the child and that she believed he was the Antichrist. 

“I never stopped loving you,” Ben said after we learned Vivien has been steering clear of him.

“I know, but I never stopped hating him,” Vivien responded. 

Everything changed for the worse when a cult showed up at the house to worship Michael, confirming all of their worst fears. 

The Devil on American Horror Story

Micheal feasted on the heart of a girl Miriam kidnapped after offering her a ride. That's when a mysterious shadow appeared behind him, confirming he was indeed the villain of this story. 

Vivan decided enough was enough and tried to kill him, but he turned the tables and attempted to take the women who birthed him out of the equation. 

In a truly surprising scene, Tate showed up and saved her. We also learned that Tate was not taking anything to do with the child despite him being his father. 

“You didn’t spring from my nut sack! Not even I could create something as monstrous, as evil, as you!” he yelled at Michael when he showed up in his room. 

Speaking of Tate, he and Violet's relationship was essentially over. Violet couldn't look at Tate after everything he did, but Madison managed to talk to her. 

She said that Tate was possessed by the evil inside the house. Could that be the case? Maybe, but it all felt a little too convenient. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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American Horror Story continues Wednesdays on FX. 

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