Snoop Dogg: F--k Donald Trump and F--k Kanye West!!!

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Rapper and gift to humanity Snoop Dogg has laid into Donald Trump before, verbally excoriating the man for his behavior and politics.

Now, Snoop is doubling down on that, and also giving Trump's supporters a piece of his mind.

Snoop is singling out one Trump supporter in particular: Kanye West.

Snoop Dogg Should Make More Videos

In an appearance on DJ Suss One’s SiriusXM, Snoop Dogg did not mince words.

Not when he spoke about Donald Trump, and not when he spoke about Trump's fans and supporters.

"F--k you," Snoop said to address any Trump supporters who might be listening.

"And," Snoop continued. "F--k him."

While many Americans may share that sentiment in one form or another, not everyone is willing to be so blunt.

Snoop Dogg on The View

Snoop made it clear that his ire extends to his fellow celebrities.

Snoop added: "Kanye, too."

"Don’t forget about him too," Snoop repeated. "F--k you too!"

As we mentioned, Snoop has excoriated Kanye for his bizarre support for Donald Trump in the past. Now, Snoop is doubling down on it.

"Throw him in the bag too," Snoop said in reference to Kanye. "Because he’s right there with the motherf--kers."

Kanye West as a Guest

Most of us vividly remember Kanye's multiple declarations of support for Donald Trump.

Earlier this year, Kanye had what many assumed was a mental breakdown, and began tweeting things that made little to no sense to his millions of followers.

"We are both dragon energy," Kanye said of Trump. "He is my brother."

The man who had declared in 2005 that George W. Bush had no compassion for black people or their well being seemed to have shifted his own priorities.

But Snoop had his own theory for why Kanye was seeing orange.

Donald Trump as Our POTUS

Snoop Dogg says that Kanye West needs a black woman to set him straight and to talk sense into him.

He says that Kim Kardashian humors Kanye too much when she should be influencing him to be a better, less self-sabotaging person.

Snoop believes that, were Kanye's late mother still among the living, Kanye would not have said and done the stupid things that have become a huge part of his brand for the past decade.

That means that Kanye would have voted in 2016 and would never have voiced or felt support for Trump.

Still, others say that perhaps Snoop is just making excuses for Kanye, just like the people who are saying that Kanye is mentally ill.

Snoop Dogg Screen Grab

Maybe Kanye isn't mentally ill and maybe he isn't lost without a black woman in his life. Maybe he's just ... bad.

And it sounds like Snoop may have come to that conclusion, because he is no longer suggesting things that Kanye needs.

A simple "f--k you" may be what Kanye deserves -- at least, that seems to be how Snoop feels.

Unlike many people, who walk on eggshells while discussing Trump's supporters but are perfectly blunt when discussing Trump, Snoop isn't making allowances for "economic anxiety."

If you support Trump, Snoop has made it very clear where you stand in his eyes.

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