Snoop Dogg: Kanye West Needs a Black Woman! Kim is Trash!

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Just in case anyone has forgotten: Snoop Dogg is a gift. In so many ways. But ... did he miss the mark this time?

During an appearance on The View, they asked Snoop about Kanye West basically blaming black people for slavery.

Snoop says that Kim isn't doing Kanye any good -- that he needs a black woman in his life.

Snoop Dogg on The View

As you can see in the attached video, Snoop shares some heartwarming thoughts and experiences.

When asked about his response to Kanye suggesting that 400 years of slavery sounded like "a choice," Snoop is characteristically direct.

"I thought he needed some medical attention, first and foremost."

Many people thought that, though Kim Kardashian blasted the media for questioning her husband's mental state.

"But then, once I got past the laughing, I started feeling sad for him."

That was a widespread experience.

Kimye Marriage Pic

Snoop continues.

"He truly misses his mother."

Donda West tragically passed away in 2007.

"He truly misses a black woman in his life."

That, as you can imagine, is where his comments turned controversial. But Snoop tries to clarify what he means.

"He truly misses the stability of having somebody telling him when he’s wrong and correcting him and checking him."

He clearly feels that Kim is not doing right by Kanye by allowing him to spout off nonsense without criticism.

"As opposed to allowing him to continue to do what he’s been doing."

In Snoop's mind, Kanye needs a serious reality check from the people who love him.

"And that to me is something that he needs."

Snoop Dogg on The View

Snoop says that Kanye clearly needs some kind of support or assistance.

"He needs help."

In his opinion, Kanye's outlandish statements aren't designed to hurt anyone -- they're a symptom of something else.

"He’s crying out for help, so instead of me bashing him, we trying to help him now."

That is very compassionate of Snoop.

MAGA Kanye

Back in April, Snoop weighed in on Kanye's controversies and outbursts, writing:

"The evolution of Jay-Z and Kanye show you how influential your wife can be to your life."

Oh wow. Jay-Z, of course, has made tremendous strides in being a better person. And Kanye ... well, we all know what he's been like.

But is Kim really to blame?

In any case, a source told HollywoodLife that Snoop isn't worried about backlash from Kanye over his public disses.

"Snoop clearly was calling out Kim and Kanye with his wife comments."


"And he is not scared one bit if Kanye drops a verse on him to get back at Snoop."

Well, we don't imagine that the idea of Kanye singing about him has Snoop quaking in his boots. Why would it?

Snoop Dogg Listens

Obviously, Snoop's comments are controversial.

Though Snoop refers to Kanye missing his mother, it is not difficult to interpret his words as saying that Kanye being married to a white woman is the cause of his behavior.

Let us be clear: Kanye is responsible for Kanye's behavior. Kim is not Kanye's therapist or shaman or whatever. She's his wife.

And black women are, in fact, people. They don't exist to be life coaches or common sense providers or nurturers to be prescribed to grown men who don't know how to speak without putting their foot in their mouth.

A lot of people care about Kanye and want to explain away his behavior as the result of something external. Maybe Kim or maybe mental illness.

The reason that they want to believe that is because Kanye's words don't make sense.

But another reason is that perhaps people who have admired Kanye for a long time don't want to think that their erstwhile hero is just ... bad.

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